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  1. He has to be qualified at 7.5m next year. I doubt he has much value cause he is definitely not a 7.5m player especially with COVID.
  2. Being native american doesn't give you a right to take as much lobster as you want out of the ocean and bypass canadian law and then blame white settlers for being the ones who take too much. That is a complete joke.
  3. I didn't say there was, not once. I said we have regulations now and no one should be exempt from them and the courts need to specify if natives are exempt from them and I have voiced my opinion that I am against that.
  4. Not what I was saying at all. I was saying the treaty is broad and needs clarification cause lots of wildlife related things are regulated now. These regulations should have to be abided by everyone unless the natives are using them to live off or they're doing traditional things. Otherwise I can go up to a native and say hey get me 300lbs of lobster and then flip it to a distributor or you could have a native set up as a distributor and sell the lobsters directly to restaurants or whomever when no one else can.. I don't agree with that. Everyone should have to abide by the regulations that are in place with the exceptions that I alluded to above.
  5. It isn't narrow minded at all. There are seasons for when you can and can't fish for lobster if it's not lobster season then you can't sell the lobsters you caught out of season.
  6. If you are going out every day fishing for lobsters and selling them I would consider that commercial fishing and that should be regulated. If you're going out every single day and feeding your family or the families on the reserve with those lobsters then all the power to you. Leave it up to the courts to decide what they can and can't do and until then they can, and anyone trying to stop them should be stopped by the RCMP.
  7. I am saying, and from what I've seen from some of the natives in Nova Scotia, the treaty needs more clarity. Let the courts decide what they can and can't do. Until then yea they can keep catching and selling all the Lobster they want. I just think the treaty isn't meant for commercial fishing. If you want to commercially fish for Lobster then you have to follow the lobster season... If the courts say they can.. then nothing I can do about it. If people are going to burn down cars and poison lobsters and destroy equipment ect because they don't like what the courts decided they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  8. You'd have to ask the officers involved or the captain giving the orders why they aren't making arrests/charging people in Nova Scotia. Hopefully in the coming days/months arrests are made.
  9. What I believe is your reserve doesn't give you the right to create your own laws and that you can bypass canadian laws - with exceptions but not for $$$. I consider you a canadian citizen and with that you must abide by Canadian law. The RCMP should work for you as it does any canadian citizen and there shouldn't be any difference.
  10. I am not saying you're not right about that. The RCMP should have gotten involved and stopped this and arrested/charged the people involved.
  11. You're muddling multiple issues into a yes or no answer. You don't want to be segregated but then you want to be segregated when it benefits you. Not going to work. Good luck with that.
  12. If the government wants to put a pipeline through your yard they are going to put a pipeline through your yard. It's like if the government wants to build a dam that will flood your property.. your property is getting flooded. The government doesn't care.
  13. I'm being dramatic? Are you kidding me look at your posts and the other guys posts. Nothing I said was dramatic. There are laws put in place to protect certain animals and you want to bypass those laws in order to feed your family... I don't have an issue with that if that's what you're doing but if you're hunting or fishing to make $$$ then you can abide by the same laws as everyone else. It's like the whale hunting is a "tradition". If you want to go hunt and kill a whale because it's a tradition... I have no issues with that. But you'd better do it the traditional way and not get a speed boat mounted with a machine gun and shoot the whale. What is traditional about that? That is a complete joke.