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  1. Luke has been on many peoples list as 1st over all in this draft. He is bigger than Quinn and some say he will be the best of all the brothers Hughes.
  2. I know I will get hammered for saying this but I have some concerns about Quinn's defensive game. Quinn played 56 games, got 3 goals and 38 assists and was a -23. If he doesn't get stronger and better defensively, will he be the #1 dman we want him to be? Jack Rathbone only played 8 games and had 1 goal, 2 assists and was +1. If Jack turns into a better defensive player and puts up good stats (goals and assists) but a little less than Quinn, is Jack the better choice of dmen? If we were able to trade Quinn in the next year or so, we could use the extra money else where. Just curious abou
  3. Jimbo was the Assistant GM in Boston and the head of Scout in Buffalo before that.
  4. I am just hoping this is all not true but I think no matter what happens, Jake would be better off being traded away from Vancouver. If he is innocent, I hope he can get a fresh start on another team. Someone will take a chance on him. I guess it will be sorted out this summer.
  5. I have to admit that when I heard about this it really deflated me and I lost interest in the nucks for the remainder of the season. I hope its not true for Jake's sake but I have no time for someone who would hurt a woman or a child sexually. I would be happy to have Rape and Child Abuse punishable by execution.
  6. I think Jett was the biggest surprise this year in Utica for me. His first pro season went far better than I thought it would. He is not as far away from being able to play with the big club. Inspector Gadjet would be my next biggest surprise player.
  7. My First Spin of the Draft Simulator. 2021 NHL Draft Lottery Simulator If Arizona is selected in top 2, there will be a re-draw. SIM LOTTERY RESET PICK TEAM RECORD PTS PPG RW STREAK L10 TOP 2 #1 OVR 1 8 Vancouver
  8. Hey Alf, first time I have seen you in quite awhile. Good to have you back around.
  9. I was playing the draft simulation and it has us picking at #7 at this point. Maybe it is our year to get the #1 pick this off-season. I would love too be able to take Luke Hughes.
  10. Next season is probably too soon but I think Jett Woo could be the ideal guy to play along side Quinn. Jett has looked good in Utica this year.
  11. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Jayce. I think Will Lockwood is a better option. He has looked real good in Utica this season. I haven't been Will's biggest supporter but having seen him play in Utica has totally changed my opinion of him.
  12. What a game tonight in Utica. Mikey looked like he had been playing all season. Inspector Gadget and Lockwood are looking real good and I am starting to wonder if Woo could actually be ready sooner than later. Fun game and a good win.
  13. After watching Keppen play, I didn't realize how big he is. He's huge and seems to work hard too. I could see him maybe, one day, will make a good 4th liner.
  14. I am kinda' hoping Mikey might get a game in the next few before he is reassigned to the Taxi Squad. It would be good to see him play as if Holtby was taken in the ED I think Mikey has a shot at being the back-up next season.
  15. Right now, I think Jack is a better Dman than OJ and should be in the line up. Jack and Jett were a great pairing in Utica during his short time there.
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