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  1. Love this big guy so far, he has been a surprise to say the least. I was thinking he was only going to get sheltered minutes but so far he has handled everything the coaches have given him and has taken it like a pro.
  2. I'm not sure i want Virtanen to answer the bell after knocking out one of their stars if he even could. Remember the Sbisa beatdown after a basic clean hit. Winnipeg has some nasty goon level guys and Byfugly would be looking for Virt all game after that. Virt can hit but not at the level that the Fugly can bring.
  3. Lol sometimes it's like standing in front of a out of control freight train.
  4. The guy hasn't played one game in the NHL and you know that?
  5. Lol give me a break... Tryamkin looks like a nice piece but to say he will be better than Chara ever was is a stupid statement.
  6. It wasn't just our previous mgmt, teams were antsi about Russian players bolting back to the KHL for big money...when they were paying big money.
  7. It gets confusing with this thread sometimes you hear he wants to play in Russia and some people say he wants to play here. It's seems hard to get any concrete evidence either way. If he decides to come over here does he really have the skill to step into the NHL? or does he want to go the AHL route that might mean 1-3 years?
  8. Board got me only place I can post is here, wtf.

  9. 17yr old kid wiffing on a clapper in 1 vid and he is a bust according to some of the tinpot GM's and super scouts that bless us here.
  10. His fart is bigger than Godreau.
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