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  1. The guy is narrsisst of the first order, can't even let people morne and bury their loved ones before making the tradgedy about himself..truely a horrible moraly wortless man.
  2. ice orca

    NFL thread

    Giant's and Denver beat the Pat's with a nasty inside pass rush, i expect the Eagles will try the same thing.
  3. Yeah great show, rumors of a second season in the works.
  4. LACASA de PAPEL on Netflix 11/10 just amazing.
  5. Have to disagree with you here Phil..this kid is going to be a premier number 1 puck moving d-man in the NHL. I would take him over Juolevi any day and i like Juolevi. Big deal if he hotdogs while he is a kid, lots of them do and mature just fine.
  6. Triple w's tonight Weiser'S n WHIte WidOW.
  7. Loos like the Leafs and Habs colours.
  8. You could put both Dubya and Cheney in pace of Clinton with much much bigger dollar sign...pus the massive loss of life protecting that ugly fake royal family.
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