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  1. Moving hammer to move up 4 spots is definitely not worth it
  2. Go with our boys from the west? Or go with Cassels? This is too hard to choos3
  3. They make decisions based off their own list and scouts
  4. ok puberty, joke's over... you can make me hot now...

  5. looks like we finally have some playoff performers coming up
  6. Disregard women, acquire currency join sports, be good at something. Don't be one of those people who just don't do anything. If you can't impress with your athletic abilities, then do well in school.
  7. Was Cassels even playing against McDavid tonight?
  8. He's not going to have to carry a line. He's being groomed as a winger right now and he will be an excellent 3rd liner for many years. He has NHL size, good IQ, and his skating will not hold him back
  9. Whenever I'm in distress, I tell myself, "Be like Horvat".
  10. If we move Cassels to the right side, we could have an elite 3rd line with Gaunce-McCann-Cassels
  11. Can Bo play for the comets once the Canucks season is over?
  12. Brandon Carlo would make our blueline very scary. He doesn't have great numbers but neither did Myers, Chara, Morin. I won't be surprised if he puts up very solid numbers next year. Jeremy roy would also be great. In later rounds, Anderson, Wotherspoon, Pilon, Guhle
  13. Sam Bennett is 18 talk

  14. Chinups are amazing for biceps. Preacher curls, concentration curls, pretty much any kind of curling. What I like about biceps is that there is no secret, just do different curls, and do chin ups, and you'll get real nice biceps. I have the opposite problem as you, my triceps don't grow
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