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  1. Most adults have jobs therefore are associated with their company in some way, but not everyone is a spokesperson for their company. What you're saying is if you're a public figure, you can't have your own personal opinion on things. Why? It doesn't mean it's your employer's stance on the matter, unless the person is actually the spokesperson or explicitly states that they are sharing their company's views on a certain matter. The scenario you're proposing can be resolved with a public statement from the business saying that the views shared by that individual are not reflective of the views of the company. They can also make the employee issue a disclaimer that the views they are sharing are their own personal views and not reflective of their place of employment. It's the mob mentality that does not distinguish between personal views and organizational views that I have an issue with. It's like someone that can't distinguish between the actor and the character they play on TV. That line of thinking is not conducive to public discourse. People get outraged over anything that gets enough attention on social media. That's what gets it to that level of attention, there's enough controversy in it to be discussed. I never got the hate David Booth saw when he shared hunting pictures. It's his own personal time and his own personal actions, if you have a problem with it stop following him on Twitter. That doesn't mean the Canucks want their players to hunt in their free time. There are enough people out there that if you put forth any opinion there will be a faction of people that will be outraged. His opinion is what led to his protest which is an exercise in free speech. I don't support that, and never will. As for the semantics, it's a little too fine-tooth-combed, I'd rather discuss the ethics of the extent of a company's involvement in its employees personal opinions.
  2. I wear a mask everywhere I go and will continue to do so. People should wear masks. Store owners have the right to refuse giving their business to people not wearing masks. I think protesters are dead wrong about this issue. But above all, people have the right to express their opinion without fear of their livelihood being stripped. This is not a baked goods store that didn't want to give you a cupcake because you're not wearing a mask. A man lost his livelihood because of an opinion. This is not a democratic state. It's very dangerous grounds. I hope none of you find yourselves in a position where you have to choose between standing up for what you believe or having a job. Free speech reigns supreme above all. Always. Even above the right to get free health care because free speech is what gave you the right to discuss the merits of free health care. This should be absolutely unacceptable to us as a society. People need to feel comfortable expressing opinions that are not agreed upon. That's how progress happens. So many in today's society are unwilling to hear another side while claiming progressive thinking, I hope society as a whole soon starts seeing the hypocrisy in that
  3. Let's gooooo!! Excited to see what Jake can do with a little fire burning in him. If that doesn't get him going I don't know what will.
  4. And Panarin and Pastrnak are known for their defense? Ovi is the best consistent goal scorer the game has ever seen and he's been doing it for 15 years. There has to be some respect given there. You can put Crosby ahead of Ovi if you want (and over their respective careers, sure I'd probably take Crosby over Ovi), but for this past year I would have taken Ovi over Crosby. They barely squeaked him in at #15 on their list...
  5. Hedman needs to be in the top 5 for me. My top 5: 1. McDavid 2. Mackinnon 3. Ovechkin (a toss up between top 3) 4. Crosby 5. Hedman Ovechkin was on pace for 58 goals over 82 games as a 35 year old in the NHL while hitting anything that moves. How this man was not included in the top 3 let alone top 5 is asinine. It's downright proof of the anti-Russian stance in the NHL.
  6. I've mentioned it before but to me he's a more physically gifted Alex Burrows. Very similar attitude as well from his on-ice play. Really good complementary player who will do the dirty work and put up some points if you put him with good players, but will be just as effective playing in the bottom 6 and providing leadership and grit there. From the eye test, he seems to me like he'd be the perfect RW for Horvat. I see him clicking very well with Horvat and Pearson if he gets the chance to play there. He's a horse along the walls, and likes to get in the forecheck. Puck hound type, and if he improves his skating, lookout.
  7. For people who are interested, I compared some of Hughes's advanced metrics to Sergachev's, you can see Hughes had a larger impact on the game. When it comes to zone starts the majority of their shifts start in the offensive and neutral zones, with Hughes being relied upon more in the offensive zone so he has the advantage there. But the difference between their defensive zone starts is less than one start per 60 minutes. In every measurable category, Hughes has a more significant impact on the game than Sergachev. Compared to their teammates, Hughes played a more significant role for his team than Sergachev did. That said, the 2 aren't exactly comparable when it comes to contract negotiations, and Sergachev's contract should not affect Hughes's contract any more than a Cirelli contract would affect Pettersson's. They're pretty different players in usage and skillset and they play different roles on their respective teams... Hughes would be better compared with a Makar or DeAngelo. Mikhail Sergachev Quinn Hughes T.B Team VAN D Position D 70 GP 68 1425:42:00 TOI 1488:09:00 20:22 TOI/GP 21:53 4.5 CF% Rel 17.23 3.74 FF% Rel 15.2 4.53 SF% Rel 14.71 5.79 GF% Rel 11.29 4.25 xGF% Rel 15.17 5.45 SCF% Rel (Scoring Chances) 16.9 4.16 HDCF% Rel (High Danger Scoring Chances) 14.29 -2.15 HDGF% Rel (High Danger Goals For) 12.29 10.24 On-Ice SH% 10.9 92.15 On-Ice SV% 89.01 9.76 Off. Zone Starts/60 15.72 9.51 Neu. Zone Starts/60 10.85 6.35 Def. Zone Starts/60 5.48 43.64 On The Fly Starts/60 33.3 60.57 Off. Zone Start % 74.14
  8. He's really not... it's based on a Russian site that greatly exaggerates player's height/weight. It's worse than the NBA. Somebody posted a few pages back in this thread from a legit source that he's about 6'1".
  9. Sid, I respect your opinion around these parts especially when it comes to assessing prospects. How's Woo's defensive play? Re Brisebois, I'm looking forward to seeing him compete for a spot on the big team
  10. Any news on a potential Ekblad trade?

    1. Nuck1991


      lol its the canucks, we are not getting ekblad

    2. CanucksCountry


      We really dont have anything to give up

  11. Have they already had media availability for the year? Did I miss it or are there plans of that happening anytime soon?

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Benning and Green at noon September 8th

    2. goalie13


      You're really that eager to hear vague answers to stupid questions?

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      even when jim’s being vague, you can still gain a little insight into what he is planning. both jim and travis knows what this team needs to go to next level. the moves he needs or wants to make won’t be easy, but he’ll try. he’s already said that teams want players on our team. i doubt they want the players that fans want moved. 

      imo, we need a top 4 d man and a little muscle. i could see him making a deal like that got him miller.

  12. What do people think of this lineup for next year:image.thumb.png.3d9ce99291f9c7c34ea87072983268e5.png


    Here are the proposed offseason moves:


    Gives us about 25 mill in cap space to work with for summer of '21-22 when we need to re-sign Pettersson, Hughes, Demko, etc. Thoughts?

    1. Vanuckles


      Bought out Baer this summer - cap hit would be 1.76 mill for next year, then 800k the following year.

    2. goalie13


      While the lineup is fine, I don't like the trade you made to make it happen.  I feel like that's a huge overpayment just to move Loui.

    3. Vanuckles


      Well we need the cap space for the year when we're re-upping Hughes and Pettersson. With cap staying where it is for the next 2 years, it is going to take an overpayment to get Eriksson's contract off the books (without us retaining). We're actually getting a high 2nd rounder back from OTT, which is essentially a first. I actually don't think it's an overpayment, if anything I'm not sure OTT will go for the trade.


      I actually had Sutter in a trade instead of Loui where I was retaining 2 mill on Sutter and sending him to EDM for a pick. But getting Sutter off the books doesn't help us when re-signing the 2 big ticket RFAs so I went back to Loui.

      EDIT: And that trade actually fixes our salary cap issues for the future. We would still probably lose Pearson when his contract is up but we have some young kids coming up that can replace him like Podkolzhin who plays a somewhat similar game.

  13. Just thought this was worth a repost.