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  1. He's really not... it's based on a Russian site that greatly exaggerates player's height/weight. It's worse than the NBA. Somebody posted a few pages back in this thread from a legit source that he's about 6'1".
  2. Any news on a potential Ekblad trade?

    1. Nuck1991


      lol its the canucks, we are not getting ekblad

    2. CanucksCountry


      We really dont have anything to give up

  3. Have they already had media availability for the year? Did I miss it or are there plans of that happening anytime soon?

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      Benning and Green at noon September 8th

    2. goalie13


      You're really that eager to hear vague answers to stupid questions?

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      even when jim’s being vague, you can still gain a little insight into what he is planning. both jim and travis knows what this team needs to go to next level. the moves he needs or wants to make won’t be easy, but he’ll try. he’s already said that teams want players on our team. i doubt they want the players that fans want moved. 

      imo, we need a top 4 d man and a little muscle. i could see him making a deal like that got him miller.

  4. What do people think of this lineup for next year:image.thumb.png.3d9ce99291f9c7c34ea87072983268e5.png


    Here are the proposed offseason moves:


    Gives us about 25 mill in cap space to work with for summer of '21-22 when we need to re-sign Pettersson, Hughes, Demko, etc. Thoughts?

    1. Vanuckles


      Bought out Baer this summer - cap hit would be 1.76 mill for next year, then 800k the following year.

    2. goalie13


      While the lineup is fine, I don't like the trade you made to make it happen.  I feel like that's a huge overpayment just to move Loui.

    3. Vanuckles


      Well we need the cap space for the year when we're re-upping Hughes and Pettersson. With cap staying where it is for the next 2 years, it is going to take an overpayment to get Eriksson's contract off the books (without us retaining). We're actually getting a high 2nd rounder back from OTT, which is essentially a first. I actually don't think it's an overpayment, if anything I'm not sure OTT will go for the trade.


      I actually had Sutter in a trade instead of Loui where I was retaining 2 mill on Sutter and sending him to EDM for a pick. But getting Sutter off the books doesn't help us when re-signing the 2 big ticket RFAs so I went back to Loui.

      EDIT: And that trade actually fixes our salary cap issues for the future. We would still probably lose Pearson when his contract is up but we have some young kids coming up that can replace him like Podkolzhin who plays a somewhat similar game.

  5. Should the NHL allow clubs to incorporate player/team options into contracts?

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    2. goalie13


      I guess it would all depend on whether it was something both the players and the teams want.  Contracts with options used to exist before the cap era.  There must be a reason why they dropped them.



      Sounds like too many lawyers will be getting involved for the pay-checks and not the love of the game.

    4. Vanuckles


      ^ How so...?

  6. Holy trades galore :o


  7. All those saying TG is the one keeping the players from playing physical, he didn't mind slotting MacEwen in on the 2nd line replacing Eriksson after his fight. Seems to me like he's rewarding the guy for his physical play. I never bought that narrative - it started last year with the Florida incident when he did actually tell guys not to go after Matheson, but that was an isolated incident imo. There was also a Canucks behind the scenes video released recently (will try to find it) where in his pre-game speech in the locker room he tells guys to be physical as well. I will try to find the video and post later.

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    2. coastal.view


      well how do you explain that ep40 has not yet become mcdavid?

      that brock is not undisputeably the 2nd coming of bossy

      that oj keeps getting injured

      that virt is not yet bert


      i mean come on

      it's gotta all be on the coach


    3. Coconuts


      The Canucks have been cursed for decades and it's all Green's fault! 

    4. Vanuckles


      i agree @Squamfan I think it is the culture and the culture is driven by market demand as well. When my interest in hockey really peaked circa 2006-2007 I remember lots of fans and media alike would get on a player's case if they took a penalty that offset a 2 min PP we got as a result of a bad hit. They'd call it a stupid penalty. F**k the 2 min PP I want blood if one of our guys goes down. That attitude is what makes players think twice about standing up for each other, let alone be the aggressors. It was over a couple of seasons and then MG with his dumb f*king quote about turning the other cheek really set this feeble and fearful culture into motion.

  8. Fun little proposal:


    To EDM:






    To VAN:



    Roussel- McDavid - Virtanen

    Miller- Pettersson - Gaudette

    Pearson - Sutter - Eriksson

    Schaller - Beagle - Bailey/MacEwen



    Ok maybe not that little :P I know this would never happen which is why I didn't post it as a formal proposal, but it's just fun to think about. Would the value be similar? 2 major core pieces for the roster - 1 also replaces Puljujarvi's value in a trade, a top 4 projected Dman that is knocking at the door (so they can move one of their contracts on the backend), and a middle six piece that should help with production if not this year then next year. They also get a little bit of cap relief


    What do y'all think?

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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      "Biggest problem I have is the lines, I'd put McDizzle and Petey together"


      They'd be double-shifted so it wouldn't matter about who is in the 2nd line (as they would be the 2nd line too).

    3. -AJ-


      I actually think Edmonton says no. Fun to speculate on values though. 

    4. I.Am.Ironman


      If McDavid comes our way, EP goes their way

  9. Give JB his contract extension already.

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    2. Grape


      I disagree. As much as I like most of the moves he made, it's the same argument CDC makes if JB makes questionable moves or picks: We need to wait and see. 


      If we're going to "wait and see before coming to conclusions" only when JB makes seemingly questionable moves, we have to "wait and see before coming to conclusions" when he has had a seemingly good offseason. It's a results based league, and rightfully so.

    3. -AJ-


      I'd rather wait until we see the results of this summer first, but so far, I like it.

    4. sonoman


      I’m ok with a 2 year extension to see where we are. If Canucks are at least getting into post season, then FA can extend him farther

  10. AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Laughs :emot-parrot:

  11. We keep complaining about injuries every year, especially on defense - and they're key injuries to our top 2 Dmen (Edler and Tanev), yet people always want to bring them back every year.


    Cut ties with these 2 already and look at bringing in more durable Dmen. Tanev's defensive ability can be replaced, Edler might be more of a challenge but we have a lot of quality LD coming up the pipleine that can take his minutes. He's not as irreplaceable as people think. I'm sick and tired of the injuries excuse every year then doing nothing to change the situation.

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    2. apollo


      @Nuxfanabroad as a huge Edler fan I really hope we don't give him anything close to 6 mill. 


      Alex has exercised his NTC... he's been well paid over the years... it's time to take a home town discount if you're going to neg a trade to a contender to bring back assets. Short term deals... 3-5 million, 95% paid as bonus... maybe throw him a condo under the table if he'll agree to go under. 

    3. apollo


      As for Tanev, I really think we should move on from him and make a solid hockey trade to bring back either a roster DMan or Forward 

    4. Vanuckles

      Vanuckles That's the point I think. Nothing is new... but we keep expecting the injury situation to change.


      @Nuxfanabroad I get that, but I honestly just don't see management saying that to Edler. If they give him a deal without any NTC protection or very limited (10 team no trade list), then I could maybe get behind it, but I just don't see them coming to terms without a full NTC. I can even see Edler's camp pushing hard for a NMC so that he has to get protected in the expansion draft.


      @King Heffy The point is that we give our many young players in the organization a shot, and maybe signing a durable vet that is defensively aware is enough - someone who can handle close to 20 mins a night in a shutdown role (maybe a Jordie Benn). Hutton can pick up the slack, and we can still give the kids some rope. We have a lot of talent in the pipeline on LD and many of them have put in their dues in the minors (Brisebois, Juolevi, Hughes, even Sautner). With the defense corps you mentioned, I'm willing to bet money that Edler and Tanev will once again both get injured together and miss significant time, and we will once again find ourselves swimming up sh*ts creek with our top 2 Dmen out of the lineup.


      Also just an aside on Myers, I'm not as high on him as everyone else seems to be. He's big but he's not mean in any way, and he doesn't really use his size the way people might think he does. The only reason he plays a little physical is because he's on a Jets team that has a pack mentality culture. He's decent defensively (not great), but he's not offensively gifted so I'd be very wary about the deal I'd give him.

  12. Ball hockey leagues are ridiculous in the Lower Mainland. Stupid expensive, and they fill up like crazy. I'm looking for a bunch of people to get a group together and just play for fun. Are people interested in forming a group that can get together once a week and play ball hockey? Purely for fun, non-competitive so anybody can join.


    I'm thinking somewhere in Burnaby/Vancouver/New West depending on what the majority is interested in. I can do a poll if there is enough interest. I'm thinking outdoors because honestly the weather here doesn't really get bad (no crazy cold days), but if it's coming down hard or it's getting close to 0 degrees, I'm sure we can find a rec center gym to rent.


    Hopefully there's enough interest and we can take it from there.

    1. Cramarossa


      Are you on social media?  I ask because they have a facebook page for this exact thing (surprisingly) in my California city. They paid for ads I think, but I used to get their ad all the time and started following. Just an idea. 

    2. 6string


      There's a small outdoor rink where I played inline hockey that is getting little use these days beneath Burrard St. Bridge at Sunset Beach. Even on the weekends during summer it was empty compare to 5 -10 years ago when it was packed all day.


      Just thought I'd put that out there and btw there is plenty of pay parking available between now and May...

    3. HI5


      Check that meetup app for ball hockey.


      I remember a bunch of the engineers at my office used to host drop in ball hockey on there and charge like. $5-10 a person to cover costs for gym rental.

  13. Anybody know how to find hit stats for the AHL? I've done a very extensive Google search with no luck...

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    2. -AJ-


      Ah, sorry, I missed the word "hit" in your original post. Yeah, I haven't seen that info around unfortunately.

    3. Vanuckles


      @-AJ- No worries I've come to the conclusion that they are a national treasure that need to be excavated from a cave somewhere in Nunavut, and a brave hockey soul must do so at their own peril.

    4. NewbieCanuckFan


      It's a pretty dubious stat anyhow (no real consistency - too subjective for one thing).

  14. Louis CK is back! Great man, even better comic! Critics can go f themselves.

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    2. Jimmy McGill
    3. CBH1926


      Spanky is back!

    4. Wilbur


      @Vanuckleswhen you are in a position of power there are some things you just shouldn't do.  Not saying Louis CK has to spend the rest of his life in obscurity for this and it's too soon for a comeback, but a timeout for him was needed before everyone hopefully heals and continues on in life.

  15. I'm a bit confused as to how this upcoming season is the Vancouver Canucks 50th season...?? Can someone explain that math to me? Canucks joined the NHL in the 1970-71 season. Our 40th season was the 2010-2011 season, so shouldn't our 50th be the 2020-21 season?? Is this not actually our 48th season?

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    2. Baer.


      I think it means 50 years not 50 seasons.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      if your confused, you've come to the right place. we're all confused here. 

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i've lost some years along the way, myself.