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  1. OMG Does this mean we can't consume fish from Pacific in few years? Good bye to sushi? I'm surprised that Japanese people are letting this incompetent government stay in power so long. There was one regime change since WWII and it was for a very brief 2 year span. We in the Western countries love to criticize China and it's one party dictatorship but Japan basically has same $hit going as China, only that Japanese people are brainwashed so deeply that they don't even realize they have the power and the right to change the government. Well, obvio
  2. This seems like the most reasonable course of action for Tampa unless they strike a deal with Seattle to dump additional cap at the expense of say, Foote. Seattle takes XXX and YYY whose salaries exceed 10 mil combined, in exchange for Cal Foote. From Seattle's perspectives, XXX and YYY are likely to be a decent NHL players, could be Palat and McDonagh for example.
  3. I don't care about beating the Oilers. Just get out of this game with everyone in good health. Just finish the season without an injury will be a huge win.
  4. Is Ristolainen that good of a piece? I didn't watch him all that much but when I did, he didn't look that great. Not against trading Miller if it gets us a top 3 RD but maybe someone better than Ristolainen if possible. Schmidt can play both sides and he moves the puck so well, I don't know if we can find another PMD like him. Unless Rathbone/Juolevi show that they can do what Schmidt can do, I wouldn't trade him just yet.
  5. I honestly don't know why JB "promised" Pearson that he will be protected. I wouldn't waste a spot on Pearson, and use that spot to protect Lind. Seattle ain't going to pick Pearson anyways.
  6. 1st or Rathbone for one year of Loui is way too much when there are other options to reduce the hit form LE's cap.
  7. Can you ask him if he will accept the league minimum if he is just happy to be in the NHL? ditto for Hughes.
  8. Yeah that is a heck of a haul for one top 6 player, one middle 6 player, and cap space. Definitely a smart way to use the cap space.
  9. Why wouldn't Edler return? Vancouver is home to Edler. I bet he likes Vancouver more than he likes whichever town in Sweden he is from. And Bowey is nowhere near Hamonic or else, he will have carved out an NHL career. I hope we can bring him back at similar contract, especially if Tryamkin isn't coming. I see Bowey as a depth player since we traded Benn. I would also guess that Vesey might stay if he builds decent chemistry with JT.
  10. Thanks for the explanataion. This trade makes more sense now. Although I still think Vrana + 1st is an overpayment but I guess Yzerman is a highly regarded GM for a reason. And from Caps perspective, they are in a tough division and knows that they need size to go deep in the playoffs. They need to beat Foston first and that alone is not an easy task.
  11. I don't understand this trade for the Caps. Vrana alone carries decent value, they had to include a 1st rounder? Yzerman pulls this sort of thing everywhere he goes... does he really have dirt on every GM in the league?
  12. If Lind is ready to make the team, then that is one justification for the trade. The other possibility is that Gaudette requested a trade -- if he is indeed the one that caused this outbreak, it would have been difficult to remain on the team, knowing that you infected everyone on the team.
  13. Hopefully the lessons were learned and the GMs don't let this repeat with Seattle. If Seattle is as good as Vegas from the onset, our chances to come out of the Pacific division doesn't look too great.
  14. I'd trade Benn even if it's for anything. Decent player but I think we'd all like to see Juolevi and Rathbone play. I was hoping we could bring Sutter back and losing him does create a hole on the roster and we have like 19 games to play in one month.
  15. I'm a Benning loyalist (I think) but it's hard to understand/defend this trade. Basically, we got a depth bottom 6 player by giving up a player who put up > 0.5 PPG last season... the only possible explanation is if Highmore is going to be like Motte and we wanted to get better defensively especially if Sutter is going to be traded. The justification that there is cap crunch next season and Gaud is going to get a raise doesn't make all that much sense given the season Gaudette is putting up right now. It's one of those trades where you trade away offensiv
  16. At 6.3 x 5 years? Anything around 6 is a reasonable deal but 5 years also takes EP/QH straight to UFA. If it's a bridge deal, I was thinking more along the lines of 3 years at 6? They will still be RFAs at the end of the 3 year deal and hopefully we can get them signed to another team friendly contract.
  17. Agree that it's a just for discussion and I'm not going to argue against getting more value for Edler. Also note that the discussion point for me is not what Edler is really worth but what I would do to see the Leafs get beat up by the Jets. If by sending Edler to Jets for a 2nd and in return, the Leafs get bounced in the first round yet again, I'd seriously consider the trade given that Edler re-signs with us in the offseason. Maybe I'll make the deal so that if Jets reach the conference final, the 2nd becomes a 1st.
  18. Hall went for a 2nd and B prospect dude. Foligno for 1st so it's hard to gauge the market. I do agree, under the normal circumstances, Edler gets us 1st at the minimum.
  19. ??? Offersheet is unlikely no? Seattle still a possibility, given that they have 81.5 million dollars to spend right now. no? Edit: depressed doesn't mean there won't be one with 100% chance. it just means that the an offersheet is highly unlikely from existing teams but anything is possible with Seattle.
  20. Sabres made a mistake by trading Hall. By holding on to Hall long enough, Hall gifted Edmonton with McDavid and Draisaitl and New Jersey with Jack Hughes. Sabres were on course to win 1st overall, but now after the trade, will watch two teams that finished much higher than them in the standings pick 1st and 2nd overall ahead of them.
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