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  1. I'd still see if we can bring him back before the TDL if we are in the playoff contention. He can still help us kill penalties and block shots. 3.5 mil is a bit high so maybe we give something to LA for cap retention. OEL-Myers Hughes-Poolman Edler-Burroughs And if Hamonic does come back and we can find cap space, Edler-Hamonic is not a bad PK pairing and handle other tough defensive minutes. And gosh, it's sad to see him in the enemy's colors. I'm sure he's soul is being sucked out of him.
  2. You mentioned 7 pieces. Curious, what is the missing piece?
  3. The lotto line was great when all 3 players were sharing the puck. The line lost mojo ever since Miller started to hog the puck and it looks like EP is starting to try too hard with the puck rather than keeping it simple and crisp like he used to. I'm all for breaking it up but if they are going to keep the lotto line, might as well put Miller at C and EP on wing to see if that will increase the offensive output of that line. Agree on the rest. Hog-Dicky-Podz should be a line. That line will dominate the opposition's bottom pairing.
  4. Agree that Rathbone needs to go to the AHL. Not because he played particularly poorly but for his development. As it stands, we only have 1LD that can kill penalties and it's going to catch up to us sooner or later. Send Rathbone down, let's see if he can develop various areas of his game. And in the meantime, get a cheapish player to handle touch minutes including killing penalties. Since Hamonic isn't likely to come back anytime soon, we have some cap space that can be utilized.
  5. Why 4th line gets ozone start? And they lost possession and get an offensive zone penalty. Green's mysterious player deployment continues. 4th line is useless out there. Looks slow and always hemmed in our own zone.
  6. You don't have much time, hurry! Sutherland ref'd game almost always ends up with remote control getting destroyed so.
  7. Good place to end it like you said last night? No hard feeling from my side, I hope you don't take it too hard. Sometimes these meaningless $hit gets taken too far and my apologies if I've provoked you beyond your acceptable level. I respect your opinion on Makar and I think he is a great player. He was voted #2 on Norris for a reason. Anyways, I'm done. This is the last one on Makar vs Hughes for me (for now at least).
  8. Can't say you are wrong. I'm as guilty as charged. I like my daddy Hughes better than wallstreetflamingo's daddy Makar.
  9. Here, I've done your homework for you. That toolbag you were talking to, he's a real toolbag (don't know what that is, but it takes $hit to recognize a $hit). But he does know how to look up the numbers at least. You clearly don't because you have to ask "someone". "Someone! help! I don't know how to look up numbers but this toolbag on CDC is kicking my a$$ bahbabhbabh"
  10. The question is not whether you perform better when playing with the best player, the question is how good of a player Makar is compared to Hughes. You'd have to read the whole thing to know what we are debating about and clearly the guy I was debating with also doesn't even remember what we are talking so I don't expect that you'd know.
  11. lol whatever man. I didn't say everything Makar does is a direct result of simply playing with Mac. Just go read the posts. Anyways, I'm done with you. Can't argue with a child the whole day, even though today is a day off and I'm bored :p I'm just gonna go to the MacDonal's get a medium coffee and see if I have any chance at winning that impossible Monopoly game. Have a nice day
  12. This doesn't discredit my point nor does it prove any of your point (if you have one that is). - Makar gets more points playing with Mac than he would playing with anyone on our team. - Makar's defensive numbers look better because he plays with Mac. So now you are arguing our forwards are as dynamic as MacKinnon just to prove that Hughes has equally good players and hence, Makar is still better? Come on man at least I'm coherent in my opinion and know when I'm proven wrong. You? tsk tsk tsk.
  13. I presented numbers and showed how much better Makar is because of MacKinnon and presented the reason as to why I think Makar's defensive numbers look better than Hughes. Have you looked up Hughes number with EP? Elias Pettersson CF% with Hughes: 56.32. Elias Pettersson CF% without Hughes: 49.06. Hughes without Pettersson CF%: 49.74. https://www.naturalstattrick.com/playerreport.php?fromseason=20182019&thruseason=20202021&stype=2&sit=5v5&stdoi=oi&rate=n&v=t&playerid=8480800 It's safe to say, that they both prop up each other's numbers. How about Boeser? Boeser CF% with Hughes: 53.33 Boeser CF% without Hughes:46.68. Boeser is a significantly worse player without Hughes. Just look up the numbers yourself. If you want to argue that our players are as dynamic as MacKinnon, then go ahead with your blind unashamed homerism. Stop with your childish arguments. "You've never watched him play. You just trying to blah blah blahs."
  14. lol "non-MacKinnon players aren't necessarily on the PP"??? Do you even know what you are saying here yourself? Other than MacKinnon, everyone is a non-MacKinnon player. So... Can't discount PP, where big chunk of the points are acquired. If your argument is that our Lotto line is on par with MacKinnon or whatever their scoring line featuring MacKinnon is, then I can't say I agree with you. Here is my conjecture/hypothesis or whatever you wanna call it.Put Hughes on Avs and have him play with MacKinnon. Hughes' defensive numbers will improve and he will put up more points. And put Makar on Vancouver and Makar will put up less points. I'd like to see counter argument... or do I? boring old Makar vs Hughes debate flaring up in a PGT, maybe move to Hughes thread? Based on CF% and xGF%, Makar is significantly better when on the ice with MacKinnon. And even on 5-on-5, it's the same story. Makar CF% with Mac: 58.58 Makar CF% without Mac: 51.89 Makar xGF% with Mac: 59.52. Maakr xGF% without Mac: 52.50.
  15. Sure it's a good place to stop. When all you can say is hypothesize that everyone will prefer Makar and hence Makar is a better player when you clearly haven't asked everyone. It's just all in your head bro. If you are critiquing Hughes for his defensive play, then you have no idea how Hughes plays. The conversation isn't going anywhere. You are just making up narrative to praise up Makar. It's probably going to fall on a deaf ear (apologies if you are really deaf, don't mean any disrespect), but I'll spell it out one more time. If you have a dynamic forward like MacKinnon stirring the opposition defence, breaking their formations everytime he has the puck, Makar almost never have to get out of position to create offence and hence, his defensive numbers look amazing. When you are always in position, you are more likely than not to successfully fend off attacks. Because if Mac turns it over, it's just a forward up there that's turned it over. And it helps that when Makar is on the ice with Mac, the puck is almost always in the offensive zone. I have pointed out the CF% and xGF% numbers in my response to @mllabove. Now, unfortunately we don't have Mac. Hughes is the most dynamic skater on this team and he's got a good pass and decent hands. Obviously he's no Mac but he does what Mac does for us. Now, as a defenceman, that means he will be out of position almost always and someone has to cover for him. The player that covers for him will be his RD partner and a forward. So, if Hughes turns it over because of the wretched system that every other team could read (talking about last season). The opposition is facing a forward and an RD partner of Hughes. Who do they attack? Forward 100 out of 100 times. And the result? Forward gets beat and 2-on-1 chance ensues. Well, at least that was the pattern last season. This season has been better. I don't like Green much so far, the high danger chances have been reduced when Hughes roams. Because Green has two choices. Don't let Hughes play the way that he does now but to sit back. Canucks would generate very little offence. Or develop a system that can help limit the high danger chances when Hughes roams. Obviously, he chose to develop a better system where forwards support the puck better and Hughes turns it over less. And getting him an RD partner that can cover for him goes a long way, like Tanev used to and Poolman is doing a decent job thus far. Btw, how's Makar's numbers this season without Mac? Anyways, I'm tried of your argument that everyone prefers X because blah. That's just too childish for me. Please present numbers and facts and better explanation than that in your next response or I probably won't respond. After all, it's a new day and there are new things to talk about on CDC than the boring old Makar vs Hughes comparison.
  16. Thanks for pointing out the tool. This helps. So I looked at Makar's teammate stats with MacKinnon. https://www.naturalstattrick.com/playerreport.php?fromseason=20182019&thruseason=20202021&stype=2&sit=all&stdoi=oi&rate=n&v=t&playerid=8480069 First thing that stands out to me is Makar's CF% with and without MacKinnon. Makar without Mac has 50.71% CF%. With Mac is 68.22 CF% Safe to say that Makar benefits so much from playing with MacKinnon to see an increase of (68.22 - 50.71)/50.71 = 34.5 compared to his baseline CF% (without MacKinnon). When someone that you play with is attracting so much attention from the opponents, it is obviously going to open up a lot of ice for you. Even if they don't end up on the stat sheet together, one cannot overlook the fact that presence of MacKinnon makes it easier for Makar to get points. Again, let's not get caught up on the literal meaning of "shoveling" the puck to Nate. No one shovels the puck in the NHL -- the very reason why Makar gets to play with MacKinnon is because Makar is a great player. It's similar story with xGF%. Makar's xGF% with Mac is 69.96. Coincidentally (not really), Makar's xGF% with Raantannen is even higher at 71.20%. It's not really a coincidence, the high xGF% between Makar and Raantanen have a latent factor: playing with Mac. Makar's xGF% without Mac? 50.18%. That's drop of 20%. I'm no statistician (or am I?), but I'd say that's significant. Wouldn't you? Now, what about Mac's CF% and xGF% without Makar? 56.18% and 63.86% respectively. So it's safe to say, Mac is still amazing with or without Makar but when he does play with Makar, he's even better. I'd say Makar makes Mac even better too but not as much as Mac makes Makar better. Now, my knowledge of the advanced stats is rather limited so I may have misinterpreted some of these numbers. With all due respect, please enlighten me on where I am wrong (in fact, I have found your posts to be quite enlightening in the past so I'm looking forward to learning). My point stands. Makar gets points easier thanks to Mac. It's as obvious as everyone on Edmonton gets points easier thanks to McDavid. Or Burrows scored 30 goals and Granlund scored 20 goals because of playing with the Sedins.
  17. I agree. But yours is the most mind numbingly ignorant statement I have ever seen on CDC. You polled all 32? You are stating hypothesis as if though they are a fact. You don't sound logical by saying something like that. You just sound ignorant and bitter to be honest
  18. lol, no, let's not end conversation, this is fun No, my comments would not change. I'm not going to say Makar dominates like Hughes and Hughes dominates like Makar just because they switch teams. The fact is, Hughes dominates in a totally different way from Makar and IMO, dominating the game like Hughes as a defenceman is far more valuable to a team like the Canucks who doesn't have a Nate MacKinnon. And if Hughes goes to the Avs, Hughes will get more points just because he plays with MacKinnon. That's a fact. Anyone denying this is lying to just to make their points. Them switching teams don't have anything to do with my comment that Makar does get points easier compared to Hughes. If they are traded, I would love Makar even if he doesn't dominate the game like Hughes and not love Hughes as much as I love him now. That's all there is to it. The way they play doesn't change. How silly of you.
  19. I love Hughes because he plays for Canucks lol Figure it out bro
  20. Just pointing out that Makar gets way more credit than he deserves. Makar does get a fair share of points from shovelling it to world class teammates that Hughes doesn't have. Hughes doesn't score many goals but he creates goals. Don't think anyone is stupid to suggest that Hughes scores better than Makar, to the point that some random dude, aka @wallstreetamigo, needs to point it out as if though it's a novel prize worthy finding. Hughes creates scoring chances like McKinnon does for the Avs. Makar doesn't do that for the Avs. That's just plain simple fact. Anyone that thinks Makar does what Hughes does, clearly haven't watched Makar play. Yes, both are great players. Makar dominates the play especially well once the puck is in the offensive zone perhaps better so than Hughes and obviously Makar passes the puck extremely well. "Shovelling" the puck to Nate is easier said than done obviously. It's laughable that some people will take "shovelling" the puck to Nate literally means shovelling it to Nate; it's just a literary device used to point out that some of Makar's points does come a bit easier than Hughes and that his higher PPG pace is probably due to the difference in teammate quality than the difference in the two players' abilities. Thanks for your insights. Learned exactly nothing
  21. No, I just love Hughes and the Canucks players and hate every player from every other team.
  22. No Nate is exposing Makar. Give the puck to Nate and he accelerates, dekes, skates past the defenders, and scores in all sorts of ways. What an easy point and likely a primary assist (from your own blueline). Whereas Hughes does for Canucks what Nate does for Avs. Makar doesn't dominate play on the ice like Hughes.
  23. It's a sign that he holds himself to higher standards and wants to deliver.
  24. Playing more and scoring doesn't equal winning. You can play bad players more minutes, maybe 30 minutes a game so that they score more just because they are out there but they will get scored on even more. Not a smart argument. And Dowling got more minutes because he scored, not the other way around. Dickinson was getting far too few minutes in the previous games in the last two games that we lost, 10 minutes against the Sabres and 12 minutes against Red Wings. In the games that we got at least a point, Dickinson played 16 (Edmonton), 15 (Philly), 15 (Chicago) minutes. He's a third line center that can help ease scoring load from the first two lines. Give him good linemates like tonight with Hoglander, and that line will be the difference maker against weaker competition and ultimately help us get into the playoffs. I'm not convinced that Dowling can push the play in the right direction long term. Yes, he scored one goal and the coach rewarded him for it by giving him more ice time, but he didn't do jack $hit with that ice time, did he? I really don't know if he did make good use of the extra ice time against the Sabres because I missed the second half of the game, but apparently, we got dominated in the second half of that game? Going by your simplistic logic, maybe we got dominated because Dowling got too many minutes?
  25. OEL + Garland + 12 mil cap dump for 1st, 2nd, and 7th? 12 mil cap dump alone is worth a high 1st. So we got OEL and Garland for 2nd and 7th. A huge steal. Edler was effective until last season, so he was good til he was 34, 35. OEL should be similar if not better.
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