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  1. Ottawa's 1st? 2022 lottery protected? Either way, we get a middle 6 winger who is still young enough to be a good contributor for few more seasons and a top 10 pick in 2022 for Boeser, a top 6 forward and a mid first rounder. Definitely worth the thought.
  2. To add to my post above, the reason why we did well in 2020 bubble playoffs is because despite some cap deficiencies (Loui, Beagle, Roussel), we had some amazing cap efficiencies coming from Hughes, Petey, and Marky. And also players like Bo and Miller played like 7, 8 mil players. Players like Edler and Tanev played at or above their cap as well.
  3. I don't think anyone is suggesting to build for 5-7 years away. Even a full fledged rebuild shouldn't take that long. And we are too good for a full blown rebuild anyways. The goal is to start our window in 2 years. Look at Minnesota Wilds. It seemed like they were bound to enter a rebuild when we kicked their a$$es in the bubble. With good drafting, trades, and some luck, they turned things around in 2 seasons. Now they have two star players in Kaprizov and Fiala (who will get paid about 9 mil on average between the two). Then, they've got good players signed at reasonable money to supplement the two stars and young players with star potential like Boldy but others are coming up as well. Look at that team from line 1 to 4 and pairings 1 to 3. I don't see many weaknesses. Skill, speed, size... it's all there. Look at ours even without injuries to Horvat and Pearson. I see us losing a 7 game series. The only way we beat them is if one of our star players takes over the series. Demko. Maybe Petey as he has the ability to take over a game when it matters. But even if Demko and Petey plays at a high level, we will probably lose the series 4-2. We have three star players in Petey, Hughes, and Demko. We need to surround these guys with good roster players signed at reasonable $$ and have the possibility of adding a star player through drafting and developing. I point to Tampa as an example. They had Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman, and Vasy but they still couldn't win. Then, they added another super star in Point. And Cirelli (not a star but an elite player). Then, they won 2 cups and are going for 3. Luckily for us, Hughes and Demko signed long term contracts at very reasonable cap hits. But Petey... well, first I'll say that Petey will become an elite two-way guy that scores 90+ points (e.g. Barkov) based on his play in the last 40 games or so. Then we are looking at 10+ mil contract for Petey. Cap efficiency is going to be the key to opening our window of contention. Now, about Miller. There is zero doubt that Miller is going to be a great piece that can and will help this team win immediately. He is easily worth 9+ mil right now and will probably be worth that money for the next 2-3 years. In other words, he will play like a 9+ mil player for the first 2 seasons of his contract putting up 80+ points and playing in all situations and helping us get W's. And as Petey begins his ascension, I think we will be a top 10 team in the NHL. If we somehow win a cup in that 2 year brief window, great! But what if we don't? And what happens when Petey gets his 10+ mil contract and Miller declines? Maybe to being a 50-60 point player. Don't get me wrong. I think Miller will still be a good contributor in his 30's. He will put up decent amount of points and if being a center is no longer viable as he ages, then we can simply switch him to wing and he will strengthen our LW depth. I don't doubt that Miller will be a good player in his 30's, I also don't doubt that he will decline from his current peak form. Because all players decline, even Gretzky, Crosby, and our own, Sedins. There was a moment where I thought the Sedins might not decline as fast and could put up 70 points into their late 30's as they didn't depend much on their physical attributes but more so on being cerebral. I was wrong. No one escapes the father time. Now, when Miller declines, his 9+ mil contract is a potential deal breaker that closes our window. We contend for the next 2-3 years and then, the window might close. Again, I emphasize cap efficiency being key to opening the window of contention and ultimately, winning the cup. If you have a player paid 1 mil, then you expect him to score maybe 20 points at most. But if he puts up 60 points, well then that's 60/20 * 100% = 300% efficiency. If you paid an offensive player 9+ mil, then you'd expect 90+ points. But if he puts up 60 points, then that's 60/90 * 100% = 67% efficiency. 60 points is not bad but you are below par. If you have one too many of these sub 100% efficiency players, you are going to be hard pressed to win a cup. The team that wins the cup is almost always the one that has the highest overall efficiency in the roster. That's just how it works in the cap world. Tampa had Point who was severely underpaid. They won two cups. Blues had Binnington play like a 10 mil goalie and most of their players, like Pietrangelo were over 100% efficiency. They won a cup. Same story with Washington. Guys like Kuznetsove, Wilson, Orlov, Carlsson, Oshie, all performed above their cap. Penguins' three stars, whose contract seemed big when they signed it, have become much smaller as cap rose. And with that, their cap efficiency grew to the point that they could even fit in a guy like Kessel. They won 2 cups. It's no coincidence that Chicago and LA started sucking once their cap efficiency went down the drain as their stars got paid coupled with decline in play (Toewes and Kopitar).
  4. Would Vegas do that? Theodore is younger and signed to a good contract for 3 more seasons.
  5. My guess is that we get mostly prospects and picks, maybe one young NHL player (or near ready player) who isn't likely to be a significant contributor right away. For example, if we do get Schneider from NYR, I don't think he will all of a sudden log 20+ minutes and be a top3D. He will need time to get there.
  6. Yeah, it seem like I'm dreaming. Pacioretty has value -- he's PPG. And cap wise Miller = Theodore for now so if Vegas wanted to shed Pacioretty, they could just trade him for a draft pick or something like that.
  7. Vegas is under cap crunch. I wonder if we can trade Miller, ask for Theodore and take on Pacioretty's contract? Pacioretty has one year left on his deal and maybe we can trade him at the TDL for a 1st. Theodore can play right side and would look good alongside either Hughes or OEL. OEL-Theodore Hughes-Schenn Rathbone-Myers/Poolman We will have to find a way to trade Myers or Poolman to create some cap space.
  8. I think the biggest difference between the two players will be their defensive abilities. Petey will one day put up 90 points but without defensive mistakes. That's why I'm hopeful that we can win with Petey and trading Miller will be palatable as long as we address other areas of weakness. I still think though that if Miller gives us a discount, we should re-sign him. At 8-8.5 mil, Miller as 2C or even 1LW is a fine deal. He brings size, physicality, play making, high compete level, etc etc.
  9. This is what I think will happen as well. I can't see Miller giving us a discount and he will get a chance at the cup by going to a contender. EP-Horvat are perfectly good as 1C-2C combo. 30 goal scorers that are defensively responsible. I was very impressed with the way Minnesota played tonight. I thought we played well but then, they played even better. And this is a team that we beat 2 seasons ago. There's no way we can beat them in a playoff series now. So much has changed in the two year span. Losing Miller will sting because we might suck next season without him. We will be entering a retool but hopefully we can come out of it stronger like the Wilds.
  10. Here's the conundrum with Miller. Keep him and we are a playoff team. He is a great player who will out compete most players in the NHL. But we aren't winning the cup if he is our best player. He doesn't compare well against the best players on the best teams. I think keeping Miller is all good but we need Petey to become the primary option and the best player on the team to go anywhere. When that happens, Miller at 9+ mil is going to stop the team from reaching the next level.
  11. How the heck did Minnesota become so good all of a sudden? Sure they were gifted with Kaprizov but that whole team plays great team game with structured defence. The boys gave all they had to try to win this one. Wilds were just better than us.
  12. He's closest contemporary comparison might be Connor McDavid with more of the natural goal scorer's instincts. Speaking of beast, I think we win this game if you show up in beast mode today. If Ottawa game Petey shows up, I don't like our chances of winning.
  13. The reason to trade Miller is because he is one year away from UFA and may not re-sign at a reasonable term/dollar, not because we suck and need a change. If he is under contract for n more years at reasonable $$$, there's no need to trade him this offseason because this team is 100+ point team under Boudreau. And don't fool yourself into thinking that this team doesn't need to improve. Every team needs to improve if it wants to win the cup, even the Avs and Panthers could improve in certain areas. It's just that their holes are smaller than ours. We have at least two holes to fill: one on RD and wingers that are stronger along the boards. Both of these holes aren't easy to fill. As we are capped out, trading is the only way if we want immediate improvements. If we are fine with waiting, then yeah, we don't have to trade anyone, just draft, develop, and wait for some of the undesirable contracts to expire.
  14. Makar could challenge to be one of the generational level talents of the current era if he keeps this up. Hughes will be a superstar (if not already) but probably not quite at the level of generational.
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