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  1. Morons are usually the loudest because they are ignorant and don't have the awareness to recognize that they could be wrong. Unfortunately, in Vancouver, we have a lot of loud morons in the media. The morons have all unified under the biased framework that OEL is a declining #6 Dman, paid like a top 2D. Sad and pathetic.
  2. The cap needed to be cleared so that we can upgrade our roster. If we don't clear that cap, we can't upgrade our roster. Those 3 players that we "lost" are marginally above AHL level replacements players (well maybe except Beagle who handled PK and defensive tasks). With this trade, we cleared 12 mil of dead cap (non roster players), and used that money to get 2 roster players + enough wiggle room to handle Petey signing.
  3. I agree, except McDavid's 130-150 points might get them there along with Draisaitl's 100+ points in the weak Pacific division. Of course, Smith may falter then they are screwed. They lost Larsson and did not replace him. Keith is over the hill. Is Klefbom coming back? A lot of question marks on that team, they might as well miss the playoffs.
  4. This is what I don't get. They want Risto but complain that we got OEL even when OEL is better than Risto. OEL is a suspect in his own end? What about Risto? Risto is big that's all that he's got on OEL. And look at what it cost to get him. If OEL didn't have a two team trade list, we don't get OEL at this cost. He's still a good player although no longer at the level he used to be. Also, OEL at slightly north of 7 mil is not too bad of a cap hit. He is still a smooth skating dman who transitions the puck very well and could suit the style that we play. He will have plenty of forwa
  5. Eriksson was signed to rejuvenate the sedins. It was an odd move but yes people were hopeful that loui could help milk out production from the sedins for one more run at the playoffs. this move is made to complement the young core group that we have. It’s more like getting JT Miller than getting Eriksson. I’m cautiously optimistic. I think OEL will shine in Travis’ system.
  6. Entirely new third line + top pairing D with some shrewd moves. IN: Garland, OEL, Pod, Dickinson OUT: Eriksson, Beagle, Roussel, Edler OEL still has a positive value, if not for his limited trade list. Garland, Dickinson, and Pod complement the roster: speed, skill, feisty, forechecking, and hard to play against. 9OA would have been an impact player down the road but this trade + Dickinson opens the window to compete for this team right off the bat.
  7. You can't be so naive as to think that Frankie, possibly the most hands on owner in the NHL, didn't approve a deal of this magnitude before it happened. Jim agrees on a deal that he thinks can improve our team, presents it to the owner, the owner approves.
  8. Yeah, I think this is a good deal for us. And good on JB for waiting a year to get a better deal. OEL's contract is a risk factor but the potential reward is high -- OEL on a young Canucks team playing Green's style, could regain his form as a #1D. OEL should improve our transition game immensely, we will have another player besides QH to help our offence from the backend. Down a goal, we can send out QH, OEL, or both. We also get a QB for our 2nd PP. All of a sudden we got lots of guys that can move the puck: QH, Rathbone, OJ OEL, Schmidt, Myers
  9. Thanks for this. Haven't listened to the interview and won't bother.
  10. Hmm, I didn't watch Dahlin enough to comment something smart but each time I did, he reminded me of Hedman when Hedman was younger. But yeah, MH plays calm and sound defence and may be the next Lidstrom.
  11. Good deal for the Stars. I'd take that deal all day. But yeah, one can dream. Petey is going to sign a bridge deal, then bank on himself becoming a 10+ mil player. QH on the other hand, we might be able to get him signed at around 7 or 8 mil for 8 years? Maybe?
  12. Dang, I was hoping he'd get to 100 goals in Canucks uniform.
  13. Wow! Seattle now has a chance to start their team with two star players in Tarasenko and Price. Holy $hit.
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