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  1. He doesn't fit here and will destroy our cap structure. 10 million dollars for a player that hasn't won anything, let alone a playoff round? Let's stay away.
  2. Barrie for 4 mil for 1 year? Well, yes, that's a bargain. But Stecher is a better defender than Barrie. But for 1 year deal, yeah why not? No way Tampa trades Cernak? They will deal one of their forwards to make room to sign Sergachev and Cernak.
  3. lol yeah, some people still refer to Miller as a cap dump. It cracks me up. Honestly, I would love to go after one of Tampa's "cap dump" of their primed assets this offseason again. I assume they will try to deal one of Palat, Gourde, Johnson, and Killorn up front to be able to re-sign Cernak, Sergachev, and other defencemen. Killorn would be a nice fit on our 2nd line or even our 3rd line. He's older but has only 3 years left on his deal. But we probably won't have the cap space this time. Some other lucky team is going to get "cap dumped" this time :p As for Gotisbehere, I don't think he is the the type of defenceman we need.
  4. The problem with the Leafs is that there are three players whose average salary is 11 mil + one guy making 7 mil. Each of those 4 guys are overpaid by at least 1-2 million dollars: Nylader is at most 6 mil player, Tavares is a 9 mil player, Marner is a 8.5 mil player, Matthews is at most 9.5-10 mil player. If each player were signed to his fair value, that would be about 5-6 million dollars in cap saving, enough to sign another top 4D or 2 solid depth players. If AP signs, there I doubt there will be a discount so I'm guessing another 9-10 million dollar player. 50 million dollars on 5 players. lol what a joke of a team the TML is. As much as I'd love to have AP, if it's anything north of 9, we will have to think hard about it. A player like that could easily destroy our cap structure especially with Hughes likely to match or surpass AP's production as soon as next season.
  5. Oh right. Should've noticed that Thornton was missing.
  6. Wow. Thanks for sharing the stats. Other than Crosby, no one is going to catch Henrik from that list. Kane has a shot if he can post 50+ assists per season for 6 seasons. Definitely a top 10 offensive player of his era. Petey has a lot of work ahead of himself to catch Daniel in most goals and Henrik in most assists.
  7. WWE style choke slam on hard ice surface. How many games did this POS get for this?
  8. I do agree that some of the blame must fall on the players too. I get that they want to make the NHL and stay there, build an amazing career by winning the cup and most importantly, make tens of millions of dollars that normal people can only dream of and set your family descendants up for comfortable life for hundreds of years... but at some point, you have to stop yourself. If you are hurt, just wait until you recover from the injury. But most of the blame still goes to the NHL and the teams. They have to do a better job of protecting the players and make the game safer to play and educate the players on the potential dangers of these drugs. And please take these dirty hits that can cause serious injuries out of the game! They need to be punished more severely and consistently whether it's the playoffs or pre-season and regard less of the team the player plays for (i.e., wearing gold and black jersey vs other jerseys).
  9. One thing that I noticed when I was watching some clips from "All or nothing" (documentary following English Premier League football club Tottenham) is that in football, the trainers and the doctors are told to do what's best for the players for the sake of protecting the team's main assets: the players. There is a clip where Jose Mourinho (their head coach) wants to play Sonny (one of the stars of the team) after he injured his arm. But the team doctor was basically saying, we decide not you. And they were saying the same the same thing to Sonny, we will review the MRI results and then decide. Basically telling the player, we decide not you. This makes sense since no one will want to buy a damaged player. For example, if Sonny is worth 60 million pounds now but if he plays through the injuries and his conditions somehow get worse, his value would plummet. In the North American sports, the teams sign you for x years and they want to milk you out as much as possible during those x years. Knowing that, what Kesler and Quincy said in those interviews don't come off as a surprise.
  10. Watched the TSN special. NHL robbed the cup in 2011 from that guy? That's f*cked up. We gotta put Ryan Kesler on ring of honor tomorrow.
  11. We are not at a point where we can guarantee playoffs year in and year out. We don't quite have a mature roster yet. So if we lose Tanev + Marky for the purpose of freeing up cap for future seasons, then I wouldn't be mad if we miss the playoffs. But I think with the our star players maturing, I think we will make the playoffs. And if we miss, who knows if we might pull a Dallas or Winnipeg and win a lottery to draft a Heiskanen or a Laine. With so much economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, I wouldn't be against it if the team doesn't improve this offseason. We can use next season to evaluate what we've got in our prospects. If it turns out to be not enough, we can then go and sign players the season after.
  12. That's a stupid thing to say. If the comment that Hughes can be the best player in the NHL is so embarrassing, then your claim that Makar defends better than Hughes will ever be able to is on par, if not even more embarrassing. How do you know? You've been to the future? Makar didn't look great on that goal he served up against Dallas.
  13. No to Dusty Brown. As for Stralman trade, we aren't getting hardly any cap saving (0.5 mil). Then, why are we losing Rafferty for? I'd say no to both. Eriksson is owed only 5 mil in real money. If we are including Rafferty or any decent prospect in a cap dump, I hope we get as little salary back as possible.
  14. Speaking of Nordiques, why did they trade Sundin to TML for? That trade doesn't make any sense. I'm glad they did though, because Sakic-Sundin-Forsbeg on the same team? That team would have outdone 80's Oilers. And there were no cap at the time so they could have fit all of them as long as they were winning.