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  1. Auditioning him on the first line was not a bad idea but I think Podz need to be brought up slowly like Horvat, from the 4th line and working his way up with less pressure to produce points. Similar type of players IMO, playing a heavy game. Horvat didn't have the motor in his rookie season but he put up decent points on the 4th line and kept on getting better as he improved his skating.
  2. Two things are almost certain to happen during a Canucks game. 1. The first goal of the game goes to the other team. Check. 2. Too many men penalty (usually in the 2nd period).
  3. No idea what you are talking. But keep at it. You are good very good.
  4. Nothing but respect. You live your real life like you do with consistency that you have demonstrated here, man you will go places.
  5. Another day, another star extended after a bridge contract. Must. Be. Nice. You were doing it wrong, troll the troll
  6. I came in here to say this for you before you... only to find that you are the first one to post Good job man. At least you are consistent.
  7. I didn't see kids but saw babies. I'm sure kids < 12 are allowed. No need for negative COVID tests, just proof of vaccination. I had QR code on my phone. In fact, they didn't even scan the QR code. It was just showing them the QR code on your phone and your ID to match the names. The process will only get slower if and when they go back to 100%.
  8. I went to the Jets game and it was super nice not having to line up for the bathroom. Waiting in line for the bathroom in a packed stadium is a sure way to get COVID. My guess is that COVID is going to be under control in a year or so. I think we should keep it at 50% until then.
  9. Loui scores 30 goals for Arizona. Canucks sign Loui Player Name to 6 year 36 million dollars, trading JT Miller to create cap space to accommodate Player Name. That would be epic.
  10. Shouldn't there be 13% of the single game ticket holders that will be allowed in? Single game tickets have already been on sale... How would they choose which ones to admit?
  11. Prices might soar through the roofs depending on performance on the ice. Honestly, I think BC has been doing well when it comes to COVID and it's the restrictions like this that helps to keep things from getting out of control. Until we are truly out of COVID, I'm not against 50% capacity restriction.
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