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  1. Carolina. Nashville. Islanders. Pittsburgh. Don't want the rest.
  2. Yeah, because the last time we hired him, we got a 2nd round pick from Columbus. Great asset management. Let's go for it!!!!
  3. What's wrong with the name Kraken? Speaking of Sonics, I wish they bring basketball back to Seattle. Could go watch an NBA game from time to time (once the COVID's gone).
  4. He could've been 5 years old when Marleau was 16, which means he would still be in his 20's.
  5. Agree, he is already a top pairing D and yeah, no to Lindholm at the cost of a 1st, which will likely be a top 10 pick. Lindholm is yet another LHD, we need a RHD. Hughes defensive game has some holes but I think this year's poor numbers are due to bad usage strategy from the coaches. We need to deploy QH like we deployed the Sedins. Let him focus on the offense and develop a system in which we can maintain the puck possession in the offensive zone for a prolonged period of time when Hughes is on the ice. Question is, can our coaches devise such strategy? We
  6. Might as well switch the franchises. Buffalo Sabres -> Buffalo Canucks Vancouver Canucks -> Vancouver Sabres Why Buffalo does this: - Haven't won a cup since entering the league in 1970. Might as well. - Vancouver seems to have had better playoff success and is closer to becoming a playoff contender. - Need to trade Eichel, Reinhart, Ristolainen and whole bunch, which might be harder to do than switching team with Vancouver. Why Vancouver does this: - Haven't won a cup since entering the league in 1970. Might as well. - B
  7. It is very tempting. Agree with what you said here. Reinhart would look amazing with Horvat. Our top 6 will be set for years. Indeed, a good 3C would complete the lineup. Get the 4th line of fast and physical players to forecheck and bang the opposing defence and we are set. We already have good parts of a 4th line with Motte and Highmore/MacEwen. Just need to add a younger 4C to replace Beagle. But yeah, I wouldn't trade Pod or Hog. Rathbone looks to be top 4 ready with even higher upside so he's also on the no trade list. This year's 1st is probably a no-g
  8. Agree. Some type of coaching change will be needed. Whether it's Green and the whole staff or just the assistants (keep Clark). I have no doubt that had we been in the Pacific division, we make the playoffs this year with Green. I think Green is a decent coach and his system seems to be working well against certain teams in the NHL. But against certain other teams, like the Jets, Habs, or even the Oilers, we have struggled. Playing 9-10 times against the same teams allowed us to assess the team in a similar condition as we would be in the playoffs. Green and
  9. And we win the lottery despite that and pick ahead of Calgary. That will be sweet.
  10. Sarcasm much? Edler should be sent out on every empty net opportunities we get from here on out and let him get shots at the empty net without the fear of icing.
  11. It's that time of the year. We are out of the playoffs, which mean a winning streak. I think we go 4-1-1 to end the season. Beat the Jets, Oilers, and go 2-1-1 against the Flames to finish 5th in the division.
  12. I’m starting to get the vibe that edler retires at the end of the season.
  13. I might have missed something but when did Sakic ever acquire a big piece like Eichel? All he did well was sell Duchesne high to desperate Ottawa team.
  14. I get the sense that Edler will retire at the end of the season. I just hope Edler gets #100 before he retires.
  15. For 4th? Hmm, I'd do it and try to make the cap work out. But would Calgary do it? Their defence is already rather weak. Unless they go out and get Savard/Larsson, I don't see Flames doing any such move, let alone for a 4th rounder.
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