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  1. Agree. And the bolded... did this writer mean to say that it will be easy to find a trade partner for Johansen and Duchene? Johansen may re-gain his scoring touch who knows, but at 8 mil or even at 6 mil, it's going to be hard to find a trade partner. I'd only consider trading for Johansen it if we get to dump Eriksson + Roussel at the same time. And Duchene has never been a winner. I doubt anyone is going to take him for his salary.
  2. Whether he is good at hard balling is irrelevant. The point is, the word hardball shouldn't be used as causing for the scenario in which EP signs a 4 year deal. That scenario in which EP signs a 4 year deal is opposite of hardball play by Canucks; it's more like Canucks succumbing to hardball play by EP's camp. The journalist that is reporting this has very poor logic is what I'm pointing out.
  3. lol at whoever this guy wondering this. Hardball from Canucks side includes not giving 4 years so that he doesn't walk to UFA. If not, that would be softball. In fact, if it's any bridge deal and Canucks want to play hardball? Then, first item on the list is to ensure EP signs one more contract with us after the next one. Simply put, the word hardball and 4 year deal to let him walk to UFA shouldn't be used together.
  4. And yet they destroyed us... $hit, how bad are we?
  5. Perhaps disagreement in personnel deployment? Bergevin wanting certain players to get more ice time? Yeah, their current record doesn't justify the firing.
  6. Congrats to Burr! But wow! Julien is fired despite having a decent record thus far.
  7. The funny thing is that OJ looks like calm and collected vet on that pairing (not a sleight on Myers). But yeah, that pairing is great.
  8. I would rather have loui than roussel. Those punches to poolparty were cowardly and took the momentum away.
  9. Tippet made adjustments in the second and we were doomed from that point on. We need more experienced coach who has better pulse on the game.
  10. Agree. Bo wasn’t ready. TBH, he never led a team before and he doesn’t know what he needs to do to help the team when it’s struggling. should have gone with three assistant captains.
  11. FTFY don’t care if he pouted or not. When he was here, he played hard.
  12. Break up the first line and have Miller center a line and roll four lines. Boys looked to be out of gas in the third and any jump that the bottom six started with was neutered by the time third period rolled around from sitting too long.
  13. Taking hard. At least I’m hopeful that we will win one of the top three picks this year and add a star player like the stars and the jets did with Heiskanen and Laine. come back strong next season.