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  1. @Nuck1991 Just found this steaming hot take of mine from 2016 lol. I have to say though, if Loui has done one thing for this team, it's allowing Bo to elevate his play individually. Green has said Horvat has played better with Loui more than once.
  2. Renowned as a good faceoff guy by scouts. I haven't watched a ton of footage, but that was a common thing I heard yesterday.
  3. There's a little Nick Bonino in his game for me. Better skater than Bones in his draft year, but similar skill set as a good all round center. He's strong for his size, but not strong for a hockey player. Isn't afraid to initiate contact, but doesn't come out on top of physical battles because of strength. He uses his stick plus body contact to apply pressure and try to win the puck, and or protect it. He uses his tools to their max kinda like Troy Stecher. Competes, pressures, pushes, angles, and wins his battles with will power. He's scored pro style goals this year. High tip, rebounds, quick hands off loose pucks, cross ice pass off the rush. Although he is not a + shooter in any one area, it's the maximisation of the skills he does have that give him success. A lot of scouts look for qualities that separate a player from the pack. Zlodeyev doesn't have those as much as he is a high IQ player, who competes hard. He's not a creative genius high IQ though, he is a make the right play for the given situation. Kinda like a chess player. Thinking a couple steps ahead of the play, and making the smart decision to gain an advantage with a simple play. Another player that comes to mind is Brandon Sutter. He helps you win by being effective in the details, playing a system well, and being very coachable.
  4. I really like this pick. He sounds like the type of player the Canucks have targeted that plays hard, hasn't scored a ton, but has some skill, and they have turned out well. See Madden, Gaudette, McDonough, and Podkolzin to some extent.
  5. The Canucks took solid gambles on players this year that should amount to at least 1 NHL player, and that is a win from round 3 on. Most franchises won't get any.
  6. The good news is we haven't picked a CHL player yet. Jurmo is a homerun swing. Kunz is a strange pick with McDonough already in the system, especially with guys like Chromiak, Powell, Villeneuve, Nybeck, Tullio, and Veiring on the board.
  7. My resume: 6000+ posts on CDC. 5800+ tweets almost entirely related to Canucks and their prospects. A nearly built website for Canucks prospect blog posts. And a penchant for being the blind squirrel who sometimes finds the nut. My salary requirements are the same as Judd's, however I won't need full autonomy, just full honesty from the team. I don't know if Weisbrod and I will get along, but I'm willing to work on the relationship for the sake of the franchise. If possible a bonus of Chris Higgins abs a as a replacement for my own would be an asset. I'm going to need ample time off to become Petey's best friend also. This will help reduce the long term cap hit of our most important player, because emotions. There is also a deadline of Friday for this deal. I need to know what is happening with Ekman-Larsson before I make my decision. Thank you. You can contact my lawyer and agent in the event of a contract offer. With the warmest regards, Your #1 fan.
  8. This may go down as the finest call of my scouting days. I might as well go out on top. Never thought he would go in the 1st, but apparently CBJ had him in their top 10!
  9. I hope not. CHL has not been a good path for our North American prospect pipeline. (Legend) --> NHL NHL POTENTIAL BUST CHL: Horvat Virtanen McCann MacEwen --------- Juolevi Lind Gadjovich Dipietro Focht Woo Brisebois Chatfield ---------- Shinkaruk Fox Keppen Palmu Candella Stukel Zhukenov Neal Cassels Subban Gaunce Mallet Brassard Abols Candella McKenzie Olson Pettit Stewart Williamson Liberati USHL/NCAA: Boeser Hughes Gaudette Demko Hutton Stecher ---------- Lockwood Rathbone Madden Rafferty Malone McDonough ------------- Thiessen Europe: Pettersson ------------ Jasek Podkolzin Hoglander Plasek Costmar Manukyan Tryamkin ----------- Utunen Forsling Cederholm We've had one undrafted player make the NHL as a regular (and that's a stretch for MacEwen at this point, but one I'm comfy with) from the CHL. Everyone else has been first rounders. Compare that with USHL/NCAA where we've had 5, and could easily end up with 8 none first rounders making the NHL as regulars. Petey is our only drafted European player to be an NHL regular at this point. But we should see at least 2 more, and all of them were projected first rounders... This team needs to stick to its guns which is NCAA/USHL 46% of NCAA USHL picks have become NHL Regulars That number could rise to 64% if Rathbone, and Madden make it too. Only 2 of those picks were 1st rounders!!! CHL is about 10% (Only 1st rounders made it) Europe is about 9% (Only 1st rounders made it) The difference is incredible.
  10. My COVID RISER pick: Same age as Podkolzin. Playing under NA coach, on a NA size rink (pretty sure) This guy has Kucherov type potential with that shot.
  11. A couple names to look at: Adam Wilsby https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/295070/adam-wilsby Alex Young https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/351179/alex-young Linus Andersson https://hockeynews.se/articles/15745/ https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/292750/linus-andersson Danila Galenyuk https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/340087/danila-galenyuk
  12. Canucks first pick will be #82 barring any trades between now and the draft. Looking at pick value for 82 and 113 specifically the Canucks trading back 6-7 spots would be ideal. For 82 having them move back 6-7 spots would lose them 0.2 value on the 82 pick, but acquiring an additional pick in the late 4th would add 0.9 value. Net +0.7 which is equal to a 6th rounder of improvement to their total draft value. Interestingly moving 113 for a pick as low as 126 plus any other pick above 162 results in a net gain of +0.8 improvement to their total draft value. In other words. trading back in later rounds has an increased benefit to total draft value, and the Canucks should be looking to exploit this. Moving back with their 4th, 5th, and 6th round picks could net them a draft value gain of around +2.0. That is about the same as adding a free additional 3rd round pick. Hopefully with not many picks this year JB will look to create quality by increasing quantity. Adding a free 3rd rounder by moving back 3 times would be a savvy move, and one that could be quite helpful with the flat cap, especially if they look to take undervalued overage prospects who may have the ability to play pro right away. Article for reference. https://bluebulletreport.com/2019/06/05/2018-19-draft-model-update-part-iii-blue-bullet-draft-pick-value-chart/
  13. I like the idea of picking London players a bit later if they show skill, but are playing further down the lineup.
  14. I was wrong and I don't care. Great win by the guys tonight and Fanta played well!!
  15. I actually think the opposite. I think Green and Benning know that they need Olli to be a part of this core, and getting him playoff experience is going to be huge. Benn and Fanta are spare parts, but they believe in Olli, and want him to grow with this group in this experience. I say he gets a look in game 1, and if he does well, then they might just keep him in.
  16. Really would love to see Podkolzin in the playoffs. He's going to be such a nice add to our bottom 6 group to end next season.
  17. In case people are interested in draft rankings for Olli
  18. Excited for Olli to get some positive reinforcement from the organization for the work he has put in on improving.
  19. So I did a tally of the games with over 6 mins of ice time. There were 23 including playoffs. All his 10 points came in games with over 6 mins of ice. 0.44 P/GP 2.22 P/60 1.48 S/GP Averaging about 15 shifts per game in those 23 contests Averaged 11:15 of ice time over those 23 games.
  20. He was 2.09 P/60 in his 32 KHL games this year. So if he played 16 mins a night and scored at the same rate: That would be 18 points in 32 games. That equates to .56 P/GP u19 Tarasenko was .57 P/GP Panarin was .45 P/GP
  21. This guy is a sleeper right now. I think he could take a big step next year.
  22. Podkolzin is 10th all time in combined regular season and playoff P/GP by u19 in a single season now. Pretty amazing considering his first point didn't come until January.
  23. He's going to be a good player in my opinion. His skating gets him out of trouble right now though, I've seen highlights of him chasing behind the net leaving the slot open. He just needs to simplify defensively and stick to a system where he can use his skills to win his battles, and transition from there. The tendency is to try and do it all because for a long time he probably has been able to do that. He could be a 40 point dman in the NHL. 1 more year in college probably makes the most sense.
  24. Quinn Hughes is a fan of Jack Rathbone. Nough said.
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