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great idea, but why hastings and renfrew? it's a high traffic area, but the traffic is for the PNE etc. will those people, who are going to spend money all day at their respective venues, then want to spend more money at the team store outlet? also, it's a pain to get to for anyone not already going to that area for some other reason.

would have been a lot better at metrotown or oakridge center. accessible parking, skytrain service, lots of mall traffic rather than entertainment traffic, seems to make more sense to me anyway. maybe someone else can set me straight if i'm wrong about this.

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"The new store, conveniently located for fans outside of downtown Vancouver, will offer exclusive Team Canada merchandise, Canucks used equipment, white skate jerseys, practice jerseys and vintage stick and primary tees in blue, white and green for only $10.00. The store will also include BC Lions merchandise for sale."

each of those for 10 bucks!? is that fo real or is it just the t shirts =/

was there yesterday during a day at the fair and its pretty bare for the most part right now

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