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Does Luongo really meltdown in the playoffs?


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No the goalie is the most important, in my adult league we had a bad goalie and couldn't win a game, new goalie comes in and we finish first. A bad goal just deflates the team. One or two bad players on the team can't do that to you.

Edit: and we are not going to trade the whole team, if we did and got team Canada for them we'd be fine with Lou.

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People whine back on forth here like they can solely place the blame on one player or another. Stupid.


Luongo sucked in Boston and against LA. Yes.

The offense has managed 1.33 GOALS A GAME over the last two series.

Forget reason though. People would rather just play the blame game all day long and cry like little girls.

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He has, but that's just part of being human. That's the problem with goaltenders, if they're hot at the right moment, their team wins the cup. If not, they're put under a glaring spotlight, often to stand alone.

People forget that the goaltender is the last line in defense....that he doesn't get to skate out and stop the play before a scoring chance happens. So it's a do or die thing and you won't stop every goal. Sometimes it all unravels and Lu's had that happen, but I don't place the blame solely on him. And I'll miss him.

The guy who said consistent? Actually, you can be consistent all season long and, come playoffs, if you have a cold streak it's game over. Consistent doesn't equal perfection and I think you're seeking perfection.

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I still don't quite understand how Louie takes all the heat for the meltdown against Boston.. The Sedin's and everyone else somehow comes out smelling like roses, it was just as much their fault as his.

I believe he got 2 shutouts in those finals, and yes he had a 2 game lead to close it out and didn't get it done. In saying this i didn't see the Sedin's turn into any scoring machines then either, yeah the Reffing was horrible but that's no excuse.

The key to the Canucks success is staying healthy, if they can do this and have some decent reffing in the playoffs, they can win it all. There's probably only 4 or 5 teams that have a possiblity of beating them in the playoffs if their healthy. So everyone just say your prayers for a low injury season and let the chips fall where they may.

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