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  1. 1040 hands down. I think the personalities are better and the sound quality on the radio is better too.
  2. That was the goaltending duel I've wanted to see Markstrom win since he became a Canuck. I wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to do it because he's never been a "shutout-goalie", but he showed me! Tied for second place in Canuck history with Cory Schneider in saves (43) for a shutout. Kirk McLean remains in first with 46.
  3. I don't think this is a good deal at all. Vasilevsky has never shown very well in the playoffs and that's of course where performance counts the most.
  4. Chicago in 2013. I found that one to be a bit more satisfying actually. The Bruins had a 1 goal lead late in game 6 at home and the Hawks scored 2 quick ones to steal the cup.
  5. I think I feel happy. Didn't want Boston to win, didn't want St. Louis to leave the "sad club", but I think I do like this better. That's 2 cup losses on home ice for Boston since 2011. It's just us and Buffalo now.
  6. If the Blues win they leave the "sad club". Since the Capitals won last year that would leave only the Canucks and Sabres. I hate Boston though. I wish both teams could lose but I have to root for St. Louis, although I think Boston will be too much for them and take it in six. Whoever wins though, I wont be happy.
  7. I was driving in my car when I heard the news and my jaw practically hit the steering wheel. I couldn't believe my ears. I always enjoyed Botch, whether it was his articles, TV appearances, but mostly the Power Hour or other appearances on 1040. I find this news incredibly sad, not just on an entertainment level, but more so on a human level. To pass away so suddenly, so unexpectedly, and at such a relatively young age with a wife and young family left behind; it's tragic. I know many folks on this forum weren't crazy about Jason Botchford, but I was a big fan of his. Rest in peace, Jason.
  8. To be perfectly honest, I hate it. I really hope they go with a different name.
  9. Just saw Infinity War tonight and was not at all disappointed. Highly recommend. Although I would suggest it's important to catch up on previous MCU films beforehand so this movie will make more sense. I went with my brother and he was asking a lot of questions and yet still enjoyed the show.
  10. It seems to me like we're nearly on the same wavelength but could actually end up having an endless debate about this. Firstly, if it we're up to me Naslund wouldn't be in the rafters. Trevor and Bure were iconic players for this franchise who might be the only two I would want up there. For me, Smyl is borderline at best. If Luongo's number were to be retired here well then it would also have to be retired in Florida. How many cupless goalies can say they've been honored that way by 2 teams? Not only that, if in Vancouver we ever have a goalie who wins a Vezina or leads this team to a Stanley Cup then shouldn't he automatically have his number retired as well even he doesn't have the same long stretch of regular season success that Luongo did? Honestly I cant stand the thought of the #1 being hung from the rafters at the Rog with Luongo's name on it. That was Kirk McLean's number first and before Luongo he led all Vancouver goalies in every category (and still a couple) and all he got was the RoH. The best players usually define themselves in the playoffs and all things being equal, both #1's had just one long run. McLean was heroic for an underdog team who lost the cup by 1 goal to the Presidents Trophy winning "best team money could buy" while playing in an era of much higher scoring and still posting what would even be sparkling stats by today's standards. Luongo, while playing for the heavy favorite and yes having some great moments along the way nearly coughed up a hairball again against Chicago after building a virtually insurmountable series lead in the first round. Then of course was made to look foolish in 4 games of the SCF with none of the losses being even close. Yeah I know our team didn't score but the guy at the other end set a record for saves in the cup final which I think had something to do with it. To your final point, I think I'd probably vote Luongo into the hall before either of the twins too because at least his regular season totals are pretty phenomenal. The Sedins have been really good but their totals dont really "leap off the page" and they've had the same underwhelming postseason success as Luongo did. To me all 3 of them aren't clutch when the games are most important.
  11. The bold part I agree with wholeheartedly. The twins should definitely be in the rafters as opposed to Luongo though as they've spent their entire careers here, etc., etc.. I dont necessarily believe that either the Sedins or Luongo belong in the HOF however. For me at least, Luongo is held to a different standard because he was a highly touted "elite" goaltender who was supposed to be our "answer" in net and yet while he was remarkably consistent during the regular season, the playoffs would always be a rollercoaster ride with him. One game he would be unbeatable and the next he would be Markstrom on a bad day. His meltdowns in crucial games have practically become the stuff of legend.
  12. Yep, I agree with you, the skaters were not good enough in 2011 but that wasn't all that I was referring to. Luongo's body of work in the playoffs was pretty uneven throughout his time here.
  13. Overall Luongo was no good in the playoffs, that's why I dont want Kirk McLean's number in the rafters. Luongo had some great moments for sure but his level of inconsistency in postseason play was remarkable. He had some very good teams to work with and despite that could only backstop his team to 1 lengthy but failed run and looked pretty bad at crucial times doing it. If there were a 'regular season hall of fame' I'd say say Luongo should go in first ballot along with the Sedins.
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