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L.a. Or Dallas 1St Round?

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I would much rather we face Calgary.

1) It would be an epic series

2) my co-worker literally thinks Calgary is THE BEST team in the league that ran into bad luck in the beginning of the season. I'd love to rub it in his face once the Canucks eliminate Calgary.

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I would not want LA in the first round..it's an underachieving team that is finally starting to hit it's stride.Kopitar,Gagne,Carter,Brown,Richards,Doughty...and the biggest factor...Jonathan Quick...LA has the biggest potential to knock off one of the top four 'elite' teams in the Conference.

The Av's,Stars,Flames and Coyotes are teams the Canucks should be able to beat.We should also be happy that we dont have to face the Preds off the bat.

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Now to revisit the Pacific Division: wow, they are all losers! 4 of 5 teams within one point of each other. Dallas leads for now, but they have not strung together more than 2 goals in five games. I thought it was Dallas' to lose a couple days ago. Then they did, twice. Now they have a good chance at missing the playoffs. From 3rd to 9th by midnight tomorrow is a sad reality for them if things don't work out perfectly. Parity I guess.

This division makes me sad, and the only way one of the Pacific teams makes the second round is if they play a Pacific team in round one. I almost guarantee it. lol

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order of teams i would want to face:

Calgary, Colorado, Dallas, LA, Phoenix, San Jose, Chicago, Detroit, Blues, Preds

Yes, I think Preds and Blues are both better teams than Detroit, even in the playoffs, this year. Blues getting Steen back and Preds adding Radulov will be a huge boost to already stacked team like Nashville (Rinne, Weber, Suter, Gill, Josi, Klein, Gaustad, Fisher, Radulov, Kostitsyns, Hornqvist etc etc etc. Very good club).

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Check out the standings tonight! Man that Pacific division is flip flopping nightly. Like I predicted..... so far I am right. Still don't think LA will have enough to get in, they have a tough, tough schedual going forward. I figure San Jose is just getting warmed up... their going to win the division. Figured Chicago may have had a chance to move up to 5th or 4th the way they were playing but without Keith they will be staying in 6th. Detroit have both Lidstrom and Datsyk back so they will hold onto 4th.

This would be a dream come true....

San Jose/Chicago (one very good team out after 1st round... and beat up!)

Detroit/Nashville (one very good team out after 1st round... and very beat up if Detroit moves on)

St. Louis/Phoenix (two very big teams that are punishing... with only one moving on!)


Don't think we are going to catch St.L but if we did and somehow Calgary made it into 8th I'll be ok with that match up as well, anyway won't have to wait much longer.

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oh well.... thought LA wouldn't have enough to make it in well they did... as the title tells you though... I figured it would be LA or Dallas. Great first series, close to home, less travel to being with. This will be tough but the boys will pull it off in 6.

I will stick to my original prediction that Van will get the west and as long as they don't face Pitts then we have the cup! The only way I see them winning against Pitts is if they have more key injuries then Van.

Finally!!!! Here we go!


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