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Was Kes Ever 100% This Year?


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I saw a couple stories before the playoffs started of Kesler saying he came back too soon from injury and was still expeirencing pain. What I dont understand is why he didn't take a week off or so before the playoffs started for some rest.

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That is one of the most stupid posts I've seen tonight. Ryan Kesler is a franchise player. His price tag is that high for valid reason. He IS a team player, this guy could be Captain, heck, in my opinion, should be captain. Kes is a warrior, a workhorse, when he doesn't score goals, he makes all those simple unnoticeable plays that he doesn't get enough credit for. There is a reason he won the Selke trophy last year. ANY team other than the Canucks hates to play against Kesler, but in a heartbeat would trade for him. Ryan Kesler is my favourite player, and always will be.

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Kes was definitely a slower this year; in my opinion a lot slower. His game is speed and if he doesn't have it you see the results.

- Will he get back to top speed? I obviously don't know; but if the operation was a success why isn't he there now?

- most of the veterans looked mentally weary. (Not enough young blood in my opinion.)

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I was very disappointed in Kesler's play this year. He was a warrior, playing through injury last year. I'd like to think injuries is the story?

But I remember AV making a quote that essentially said Ryan needed to pick it up midway through the year. Keslers response was, geez, "maybe the coach ought to come to me to say that!"

Both player (thats a wanker response; he was playing crappy) and coach (who should not be calling out players in the media) were in the wrong. It was the best indicator, the Hodgson trade aside, that the year was going the wrong direction.


Hi all,

I don't know about you, I have the feeling that Kesler was playing injured the entire season. I don't think he ever fully recovered from his off season surgery. To me, he never seemed to get his legs back and he was a step behind where he was last year. Hopefully a long break this summer will have him back to the Kes we all know and love.

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I see you got plus 3 from the other Kesler fans. I like Kesler too, but warrior, workhorse, franchise player? Not this year. I am not advocating trading him, or any such thing, simply responding to your post.

1) Puck hog

He did not center a line, he played all year like a winger leaving 2 players out in the cold. When Higgins was hot on the 2nd, he was hot alone. Kesler had potentially great wingers, but never used them. Booth for instance. Anyone else notice Booth was starting to pick up the Twins style of play, finding them open and making passes? Ever see Kesler doing this? No, not this year.

2) No clutch plays

Hank scored this last game. Found a way. Played without his brother very well regular season. Kesler, no goals in 17 games. 5 assists in the same 17 games. (that's on pace for a 25 point season BTW, Raymond was getting more points than that, Pahlsson and Lapiere were close to that)

3) Embellishment

The game 1 diving antics were not the actions of captain material. They were the frustrated antics of someone who needed a captain to talk him out of his ridiculous ways.

4) Back check

Anyone remeber the Kesler of old who was stealing pucks from the other team? I didn't see him this year. I saw Raymond, Pahlsson, Hansen, Booth and Higgins and Burrows pulling it off, but Kesler, not this year.

Lets face it, Kes disappeared. Now, I hope it was just a bad year. Possibly fatigue left over from last year, maybe he never got back to true form after surgery. I also hope this longer rest gives the whole team renewed longevity next year, but this year, Kes was nowhere near the attributes you accredited to him.

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he needs to relax, get better this off season, he was not 100%! he was not needed to come back so early, that was supposed to be codys chance to slot in and he never really got the fair shot, so we shall see how he gets 100% in the off season. i don't think his season was a one hit wonder last year. we all know kes is very talented and needs the rest to get better. high expectations for a rebound year next year.

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