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Terms on Semin

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Im curious as to what terms people would take Alex Semin on. His skill and shot is undeniable, but ya he lack heart and has attitude problems. Its possible though that Vancouver's enviroment could really do alot for his attitude problems as he would be playing underneath the Sedins (very respectful humble people) and playing alongside the likes of Burrows and Booth. Both of whom also have great attitudes and character players. I think a big part of Semin's issue in Washington was that he was playing along with Ovechkin who is a cancer himself. Apart from Ovie, Semin's attitude could change.

Under what type of contract would you take him at???

2 Years at 4.5 Million for me

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How anyone can think Semin is an ideal fit in Vancouver is frankly living in dreamland.

This guy was getting crucified by Crawford and Mcguire on TSN today.

You honestly think Semin would mesh with AV after the whole Shirikov debacle?

Stop being naive. Semin is not the type of player the Canucks covet. He'd cause more headaches than having Luongo as a backup to Schneider. Trust me there's a reason why most Russians have horrible reputation in the NHL. Think NASHVILLE!!!

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Have teams even been pitching offers for him? I haven't heard anything. You hear about the other big names but not Semin. That tells you something right there I'd say.

He could be a good player here no doubt, but I can also see him disappearing when we need him at his best. I'm sick of the playoff disappearances from some of our guys as it is. 7 goals in 30 games for a guy of his caliber and his cap hit isn't quite cutting it.

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