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[Proposal] Cup Winning Lineup

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Kesler for Bobby Ryan - Ducks want a 2nd line center, fair value

Sign Doan - we have a good chance at this

Trade Luongo + Malholtra + Schroeder for Weiss + Goc +Theodore - realistic deal that fills our needs

Sedin-Sedin-Doan - perfecr linemate for Sedins

Booth-Weiss-Ryan - Booth and Weiss both played on FLA and Ryan will do great here

Burrows-Goc-Hansen 3a

Higgins-Lapierre-Kassian 3b







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Take Schreoder out of the FLA deal, maybe add in Higgins or Raymond then try to get Skille back aswell.

I think Kes and Ryan have close to fair value but they would probably want something more.

And to me having two 3rd lines doesn't really make much sense cause there is only so much ice time.

I would rather have a 3rd, 4th and then have some expendable wingers to get an upgrade at a different position.

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But it's bad to move Kesler onto the 3rd line if we have two NHL calibre first lines? Right.

You just told me that Kesler should have been moved, and Higgins should have stayed.... Right so then we have like 8M in cap space (in my trade proposal) VS. 2.9M with Kesler centring the 3rd line.... Hypocritical much?


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If the Sedins can take a ball hockey player and make him a 30+30 = 60 point guy I'm sure they can make a 70+ pointer out of a power-forward who puts up similar numbers year after year with no-name line-mates.

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As much as I like Doan I don't believe he can pass 50-60 points even with Sedins. And to achieve that he has to be healthy all season. That is why I think putting him on top line is wasting a top line spot. He might fit better in or second or even more in our third line where he can still put ~40 points.

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