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Who Would Win? - Part V


Who Would Win?  

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If you didn't see it, the fourth immaculate thread is here - /topic/332934-who-would-win-part-iv/page__p__10770629#entry10770629">http://forum.canucks.com/topic/332934-who-would-win-part-iv/page__p__10770629#entry10770629

Feel free to vote!

Anyways... This thread is about the winners of the previous threads (I added up all the votes to see who won in each seperate thread) going at each other in a blood bath. Who wins? It's up to you! So vote!

It's going to be playoff style, ie:

Winner of Thread I vs Winner of Thread IV

Winner of Thread II vs Winner of Thread III

Goke (I) vs Juggernaut (IV):


Wolverine (II) vs Thor (III):


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In that case, perhaps Groups I and II were overpowered. I think a Justice League faceoff like Batman-Flash-Aquaman, and then a Marvel thing like Spidey-Mr Fantastic-Nightcrawler. Then you could have a typical anime group of Luffy-Naruto-Ichigo, or even Piccolo! No Goku, no Superman, no Thor, no Phoenix, they all have godlike powers.

It might be better with themes though, like bulky, fast, smart, that stuff....

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