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Luongo on Panthers' Site


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For some reason, Luongo has a profile on the Panthers' site. Not saying a trade is imminent by any stretch, because I think it's more likely that it's wishful thinking.

But who knows? Maybe someone in the Panthers' PR department jumped the gun. I did read something a couple weeks back about the Panthers "getting internally ready" for Luongo's return. You'll notice it's part of the 'roster' section of the site, but when you go to the roster, Luongo's not on it. Perhaps a page was created in preparation for the possibility...?

Have a look:


I also wonder what, if anything, yesterday's signing of Peter Mueller means. Heard a few rumours that Vancouver had a passing interest in Mueller, but if it means anything, I'd suspect it's just deepening their strength down the middle in case Goc or Matthias is part of a deal. Could also be because Bjugstad just decided he was going to play one more year of college hockey and so wouldn't be challenging for a roster spot.

Anyway, Florida now has Weiss, Goc, Matthias, Mueller, and Santorelli as centremen. I hear Santorelli isn't really in the plans, but you've gotta figure Huberdeau (and maybe even Drew Shore) will make the team. That's a whole lotta depth...

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Guest AriGold

I can show you Jan Bulis as a Canuck as well, And Luongo as an Islander.

I already got punked on this before lol..

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