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Can someone explain this to me?


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This is an exact copy and paste of the board rules:

2. You will not spam.

Your message should be well thought out, and must add something of substance to the discussion, so please think before posting or creating a new thread. One-liners, list topics, quote pyramids, 'chat threads', and other "spammy" messages are not welcome. Do not post messages 'IBTL' or 'LOCK AND BAN' in threads, contact the moderators instead. Effort should be made to stay on topic with the original post as 'thread hijacking' is not acceptable.

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I have this feeling that VC is HockeyyInsiderr.

Who else do we know who sits on his/her computer all day, refreshing twitter and posting signings/trades?

InsiderrHockeyy does the exact same thing. He refreshes twitter until some new news comes up about a player, then he posts it.

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Guest BuckFoston

How the hell has Vintage Canuck lasted so long on this board? You can't even tell me half his posts aren't just random tweets that he copies and pastes that add little to no substance to any topic.

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