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Where have you taken your Canucks gear?


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I noticed on the Canucks facebook that they've been sharing pictures of fans around the world. I thought that'd make for an interesting discussion here on CDC. Where have you repped our Canucks?

I've personally worn my jersey in Taiwan (visiting family) but never really snapped a picture in front of anything iconic. I did climb Ben Nevis (Scotland) this past spring and brought along a tshirt with me (not going to risk my jersey, haha).

I actually forgot to break it out for a photo at the top so this is about 5 minutes into the descent...


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I wore a Burrows t-shirt a couple of nights when I went to Cancun for Spring Break 2009. There was no hate there at all. A lot of people commented on it and love Burrows. Many people yell, "YEAH VANCOUVER!" .

I loved it. Great to know people around the world like Burrows and/or the Canucks.

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