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[HELP] Amnesia: The Dark Descent Upside Down Screen Glitch


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Just installed the game and everything is upside down.

Tried googling the problem to look for a solution and many people seem to say that updating drivers/graphics drivers? will fix the problem.

The thing is I have no idea how to do that and I am not sure if that update is based on your computer or laptop model, software or whatever.

Can anyone help me out here so I can fix this problem with the game? Here is some info on my laptop if it helps. If you need anything more specific, just try to help me find that info on my laptop and I'll try to provide it.

- Toshiba Satellite A350D Laptop

- Windows Vista

- ATI Radeon Graphics

Thanks in advance!

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neither of those worked.

i tried updating my graphic card drivers but it said they were up to date.

and i tried the ctrl alt up-key and that didnt work

i have no clue what to do. still searching google for an answer

thanks though!

if anything else comes up, please let me know so i can test it out

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