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  1. Virtanen if from New Westminster. I knew there would be problems..
  2. 17 - (-2) Yes, the canucks will have two goals taken from them.
  3. Back in Vancouver in 2 days. Be afraid.

  4. Statypus Platypus

  5. My profile has more than twice the amount of posts I have. Kind of scary.

    1. Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      i'm done with this cesspool...you can reach me on psn if you want to talk buddy. :)

    2. Caboose
    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      My 10 times more profile views than posts now that is just creepy o.O

  6. Bye G-52, lol.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kumquats
    3. :D


      He should know, as well, that Garrison's nickname isn't G52, but Mr. Garrison

    4. Kumquats


      That's right, Mr. Hat.

  7. was listening to internet radio, stumbled upon this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0npq1MKg-MA

  8. That's a nice Bieksa shirt in your avatar, I don't live in Van anymore and can't find it online. NHL Shop only has blue ones, I want it black.

    1. I♥Wellwood


      probably because I bought it in 2006. It's dark dark dark blue, not black.

    2. Kumquats


      That makes sense, I didn't see one when I was still up there. My buddy did get me a Luongo T not knowing KB is my favorite player.

  9. I just saw that countdown thing till season starts. Still over 100 days. WTF, way too long.

    1. Kumquats


      Geez, that seems like forever! At least we have the off season to keep us somewhat occupied with what's going on.

  10. Including this series and going back to last year's final: 12 goals in 10 games. Who was complaining that we needed grit to win?

  11. I'm sad. Hold meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Kumquats


      I think I'm going to watch the game on jtv tonight. Watching it without the crew feels weird and lonely. And we really need some boob rallies!

  12. All the playoff games are going to be on CBC though, so you should be getting them all.

    1. Kumquats


      I live in the Southern USA. *giggles*

    2. Kumquats


      I think they are showing them on Versus (NBC Sports or whatever it's called now)

  13. Only 1 game remaining on sportsnet, the rest are on TV for me :D maybe I'll only see you again next year

    1. Kumquats


      Yeah same, I might have to watch a few online. I don't know what the tv schedule is until the playoffs start. Even if we don't see each other before then we always have this cess pool. lol

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