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Hockey World Cup

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I´m not sure where I should put this but I was asking myself...

Soccer has a world cup. (FIFA)

rugby also has a world cup

and why not hockey?

it´s just a question. do you like or not the idea of a Hockey World Cup? like done in soccer/football or rugby?

I know we have some type of championship in winter olympics, but soccer has this championship in olympics too. maybe a bigger tournament with more teams...

it´s just an idea...

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That would be cool for those of us who love the sport .

I believe that what makes events like the fifa world cup so popular is that so many nations play the game , and more importantly so many more nations actually have a realistic chance of winning the event .

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Another difference too is that hockey also has an annual World Championships and I don't think Soccer does. The Canada Cup / World Cup of Hockey was just something that came on top of already having the World Championships, except it was played at a time when all the professional players weren't still in the playoffs.

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yep. maybe between countries it can be a bit hard.

but imagine this...

in soccer there´s a champion involving clubs and not countries. soo the champion of Europe (example: Barcelona), the champion of Asia, Middle East, Concacaf (north and central america), the champion of south america (Corintians, blergh!) and the champion of Oceania...

them they play against each other like a tournament and after the final game everyone will know what is the best soccer club on earth...

I´m thinking if it can be done in Hockey. and the champion of Stanley Cup against the Gagarin Cup (KHL)

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FIFA world cup works b/c they don't let the best players go to the Olympics.

The Canada Cup (which was not a "cup" at all)/World Cup of Hockey does not work with the Olympics, and it also fails because the majority of CC/WC games are in Toronto.

The Olympics feel natural, and the World Cup(of hockey) feels REALLY manufactured. If they were really serious about it they would let other cities, let alone other countries host the final

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