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nhl reallignment

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if i was commissionary id turn league into 32 team system

quecbec and seattle would be new teams

two teams would be florida and phoenix would be relocated

one to hamilton and one to las vegas

pacific div - canucks seattle oil flames kings ducks sharks vegas

central div - blues jets predators stars hawks avs b jackets wild

north east div - leafs hamilton habs sabres detroit bruins sens nordiques

south east - caps lightning hurricane penguins flyers isles rangers caps devils

league would have a healthier climate 9 strong canadian markets plus seatle chicago detroit buffalo close drive for fans to get to games. wat u think of my idea

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Expansion would likely happen to both Canadian cities, as they would be the most willing to pay the NHL's exorbient fees. Cheaper relocation fees will be relegated to Seattle and Las Vegas where profits are not as guaranteed.

And I hate any realignment where Detroit is in the East. They are one of the biggest draws in the West.

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I like the way the divisions are setup now. I would much rather have 5 team divisions than 4 big divisions/confrence's.

We just need to move the teams into the Correct Divisions.

Here's a map of the team placement:


Here's what I propose (I'll use current division names, but they can be changed):

Western Conference

North West Division:

- Vancouver

- Calgary

- Edmonton

- Winnipeg

- Colorado

Pacific Division:

- Anahiem

- LA

- San Jose

- Phoenix

- Dallas

Central Division:

- Chicago

- Minnesota

- St.Louis

- Nashville

- Columbus

Eastern Conference

North East Division:

- Toronto

- Montreal

- Boston

- Ottawa

- Detriot


- NY Rangers

- NY Islanders

- New Jersey

- Washington

- Buffalo

South East:

- Carolina

- Pittsburgh

- Philadelphia

- Tampa Bay

- Florida

Possible new Rivalries:

- PIT vs TB (Crosby vs Stamkos)

- WSH vs NYR (Could build off alot of recent playoff meetings)

- BUF vs NYR or/and NYI (New York team vs New York team)

- WPG vs VAN/CGY/EDM (Canadian team vs Canadian team)

- DET vs TOR (Winter Classic could help build original six rivalry)

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hobble no offense but if seattle got a team thered be a wait list for season tickets seeing vancouver is always sold out people would invest in season tickets there go to a few games sell a few of their tickets go to costco fill up gass tank get cheap milk and booze and come home

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