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Would We Be Better Off Without... Um... Bure?


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Certainly Hello Magazine would take a hit, but wouldn't the collective wealth of Brit royals, be put to better use elsewhere? Like helping that country out in times of economic uncertainty? Or perhaps by giving the money to various charities so the starving and uneducated no longer have to be?

Or should they be kept around so they can rule over their glorious empire through the tabloids? I for one can't wait for what, if any, significance King William will have on western society during his reign.

If you take all the collective wealth of the royal families, including the oil royals, the church, the greedy, soulless coorporate bigwigs, and the rest of the capitalist elite, and distibute it among the masses, you would find that the world would essentially be saved. (As long as some people don't become more equal than others, i suppose.)

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