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[OFFICIAL] Hardcore Pruane2Forever Thread


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YouTube. Where would society be without it? The online video mogul has produced countless video classics. From "Chocolate Rain" to that annoying damned laughing baby, to the over-rated sneezy panda...the videos will make you laugh, or cry, or even make you drink alcohol and slap your dog. Whatever emotions these videos provoke inside yourself, no one can deny the undeniable attraction to online videos.

Our very own -TrappedInCDC- (or CH9 for you sophisticated types) produced a YouTube classic himself, creating the Sock & Pock series, which included a feature length film!

Now, rising from the ashes, comes Canada's own Pruane2Forever! Unleashing such classics as "Rebecca Black SUCKS!!!!!!!!" and "Review of a Fight at school", Pruane is undoubtedly the newest YouTube sensation. Now, you can bask in his ominous glow in the OFFICIAL Pruane2Forever thread. Post your favorite video, your favorite Pruane trivia, or just get downright freaky with "Pruane2Chat". Whatever you want.

If you haven't heard of this legend, I'll get ya started:

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