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  1. Art Comes From Life

  2. good to see huges and son of peter signed

  3. Sadly that's on Youtube algorithm. It's better to drag your video to at least 10 mins long in order to maximize revenue rather than having a 5 min insightful piece.
  4. I think I'd like to invest personally. As for a car, I do plan to get a car but perhaps something on lease.
  5. Thanks man. I've already splurged on a few things earlier. Just some books and some clothing ya know.
  6. Jim offered me a contract awhile back but I didn't have the cameras on.
  7. VAN trades: 2022 VAN 7th Rd pick CAR trades: 2022 CAR 7th Rd pick 2023 CAR 7th Rd pick Who says no? Quite a decent trade innit?
  8. Thanks, but that would be a terrible investment
  9. Sometimes I have very bad impulse spending thoughts that I fortunately don't follow up with most of the time. This time I feel like spending 80 bands on a BMW M3. Not a good idea tbh
  10. NWO is the GOAT pro wrestling faction of all time. you can't tell me otherwise
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