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Magnus Paajarvi to Vancouver...


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i have a feeling the rumours are true in sending luongo to edmonton.

with the pending player to be moved is dubnyk and the player that we don't think it is being paajarvi

with a draft pick...

any thoughts?

here's a thread ====> http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Richard-Cloutier/Shark-Bait--Luongo-Trade-Watch/131/48710#.UP_cqo5LcqY

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Where people post what they think the GM should or would do given whatever circumstances they can dream up.


Where people post and discuss what they heard might happen given whatever circumstances they feel are relevant.


Where people discuss current Canucks and things going on with current Canucks.

If you want real responses, you should probably put this in the forum that makes sense. If you want to hear about why the trade does or doesn't make sense, maybe throw it in Proposals. If you want to hear about the validity of your extrapolation of a rumor, try putting it in the rumors section.

I hope this helps.

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A Lu trade proposal, refreshingly new thought OP, how original.

Maybe I should start a new trade Lu for ??? thread.

We should have a new one at least once a day!

Seriously though, Lu will get traded when he gets traded so don't hold your breath.

Common sense says some teams will be more desperate to upgrade their goalie after a couple weeks into the season.

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