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Just a simple question


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Hey Guys , as you all have probably heard gillis contacted nonis , but if you read lebruns piece he says gillman met with an old pal who works with leafs front office and he brought up the luongo talks /

but anyways i heard a rumor that nonis wants to offer a b prospect and 2 rounder , thats a disrespect to luongo imo. but people are also saying canucks want bozak, I have also heard grabo recently

my question is if you had the choice between grabo and bozak who would you choose

ps dreggar said this is all just rumors because they need build up for april 3rd

so i dont expect anything anyways

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It is all speculation. Ill wait on a different Hockey insider before all the other speculation.

But ill take Bozak, though he is better served as a top 6 center. Id like to see the particulars about McClement's status. He would be perfect for the 3rd line.

There is no way Lu gets traded for picks.

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Grabovski makes more money then Kesler & is signed for 5 more years.

While he would make Booths contract look reasonable, the last thing the Canucks need for Luongo is an overpaid underperforming forward.

Bozak is a UFA after this season.

From all reports out of TO he's looking to make 1st line center money, since he's actually been the leafs 1st line center for the last few years & has been seriously underpaid.

So while he'd be a great fit, he'd only be a rental.

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