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I'm guessing MG resigns tomorrow


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What does everyone else think?

After all these years, his body of work is ok, but nothing more than that.

After he renewed his last contract, he mentioned he considered call it quits due to all the scrutiny and intensity being in a hockey crazy market generates.

He won't even hire a sleep doctor without thinking about it and analyzing it 10 ways from Sunday. He's the king of saying he won't react in the heat of the moment without stepping away and thinking about it, yet he's going to fire AV, two days after losing in the playoffs?

I don't think so, I say MG resigns tomorrow.


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His press conference will be him talking about what he's looking to do to the team this offseason. Assessing the team and then bringing in the missing pieces that we oh so desperately need. If AV is fired, it'd be much later in the offseason after the playoffs

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I thought the same thing when I heard he booked a press conference so quickly. Last yr, I believe it took at least a week to hear from him. I hope he doesn't, he takes a lot of intellectual property with him.

Edit: I'm secretly hoping he has a PowerPoint presentation put together of the officiating in that series. I hope he's preparing tonight for getting fined tomorrow---- if you know what I'm sayin'

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