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Got towed tonight, bros ;(


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Walking home from work, thought I'd check in with Black Betty as I walked by where I parked her yesterday... and she's GONE.

First thought, STOLEN. Call 9-1-1!

Second though, maybe it was towed. Called the impound, and sure enough, they had her.

Boogie on down to Main and Terminal at freakin' midnight to pick her up and they had her parked with a bunch of scrub vehicles...


Check out the ticket, said I was within six meters of a sidewalk. C'MON, do you know how far six meters is? It's a long way!


I don't know, time to revolt against... I dunno, someone. I shouldn't have this kind of thing happen to me... I'm white

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Colon Dee, you're like the OJ Simpson of CDC, you could get away with it.

I was going to say either "I guess you could say he really was a Die Hard Canucks Fan" or "Geez, must have been on Team Schneider"

Feel free to use.

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