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(Discussion) Can Gillis Re-define His Career/Redeem Himself?


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Redeem himself for what? I mean, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but for real in the time that Gillis has been the GM the Canucks have never missed the playoffs. They have never finished worse than third in the conference. They have won as many playoff series as they have lost, five each way. The players have won a Jennings, Hart, and two Art Ross trophies, and the team has won two President's Trophies and a Campbell uh, bowl? Whatever that thing is. The way people talk round here, you would think that we have not made the playoffs in several seasons.

Don't be such spoiled, entitled-sounding chumps! The Canucks don't get a playoff spot by acclamation, we're not guaranteed a top-three seed every season, we are not always going to be contenders every season. The success the team has experienced recently is a new and beautiful thing, to me it is still fresh and incredible that we can expect the playoffs before the season even begins, that we have these high hopes and expectations, the team is relevant! People hate us! Original Six teams and big U.S. markets consider us rivals to be despised, not afterthoughts to be ignored, even the Canucks' bloggers have high profiles now. They sell out every game and make a killing on merchandise and the like.

People are just casting about for a head to lop off, impatient people, with no business or hockey sense. I shudder to think what will happen the next time the Canucks miss the playoffs, all you people who only remember that one time it happened the year before we got Luongo, y'all won't even know what is going on or what to do!

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