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[Potential Idea] Sig Wars


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Hey guys,

I was talking to a few guys via PM about this idea, so I decided to bring it forth to everyone and see if they were interested.

I was thinking of making a Sig Battle thread where users would go head to head in making a sig using the same picture/render. I've seen it done on other boards before, and it is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and create some competition amongst us sig makers.

If you guys would be interested, I could write up an "offical" rule set that would clearly state how everything would work etc. I wanted to test the waters a bit to see if it was worth putting in the time before I went through the work of finding pictures/renders and creating a thread with an official rule set.

Would love to get your guys' thoughts on this and if it would be something you would be interested in participating in.



PS: If you are interested, what is a better name, Sig Battles or Sig Wars :P:P

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I actually really like this, the problem for a newbie like me is that I only use pixlr and it's very hard to use renders. but i definitely compete! i like the name sig wars.

one more concern of mine is the lack of action happening in the creative forum, there only seems to be about 7-8 people that consistently post sigs and feedback here and competitions could get stale after awhile.

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Thread will be made called Signature Wars #1

- First two artists to sign up will go head to head

- Once the two artists are selected, only then will the picture/render be revealed

- Artists have a maximum of 72 hours from the time of picture being posted to finish their sig and post in thread

- Sig must be within board limits (400x200)

- A poll will be created to allow members of the Forum to vote for the best sig

- Winner will choose next week's picture/render


Anything need to be added/improved? The quick/more frequent we have these little "wars" the more fun it would be, in my opinion. Would be interesting to see what people can do with the same picture or render.

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I was thinking of leaving it until Monday before making the first official post.

I was thinking we go with a head to head competition first. So the first two people to reply to the thread wanting to participate will take part in the 'war.' The picture/render to be used will be posted once the two competitors have been determined.

Sound good?

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