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[Report] Hal Gill isn’t ready to retire

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He’s one of the many free agents looking for work, would the Canucks be interested in him?:

Big defenseman Hal Gill rolled out his vision to Globe & Mail – help Seth Jones adjust to the NHL game – but the Nashville Predators didn’t share his vision. So, instead, he finds himself in a holding pattern like many other free agents.

At 38, there’s the legitimate threat of being forced into retirement, but that’s not something Gill is ready for.

“I want to play,” Gill said. “I’m here and I’m still have the desire, ultimately, to win but to just play and to be a part of it.”

While his size is obvious, the downside is his lack of mobility.

Gill admits it’s a skill game and a fast game, yet he also notes that hockey is a “thinking man’s game” and that he’s becoming more intelligent as time goes on.

On the bright side, teams still have more than a month to decide that they need to add his hockey IQ to the mix.


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I have always liked and respected Gill but his lack of speed and mobility have really been exposed the last two seasons and I just can't see any team taking more than a flyer on him this season.

He's got his cup though, which is something none of us can say

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