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I live in Asia, but love my Canucks. I really want to keep up with articles about the team from the Province, the Sun, etc..., however, it's a little bit daunting and I'm not very tech savy. Is there a way, like an app, to have articles sent to my smart phone so as to avoid having to search for stuff?

thanks in advance,


Hail Hail! Canucks!

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I'd use Twitter myself, as I have a number of the Canuck writers and bloggers so I can see when they post a new article. If anything happens, something like NucksMisconduct or CanucksArmy will have a writeup, and it's also a bonus of not having to read Gallagher, Botchford or Willes opinion articles.

From a purely simplistic standpoint, that's what RSS feeds are for.

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