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[PTO] Boyes to Florida Training Camp


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Florida's a good spot for Boyes. They have quite a few holes in their forward group, especially if the young players they are banking on turn out to not be ready yet. If Boyes earns a contract, he has a very good chance of slotting into their top-six (which would be the best place for a player of his skillset). Also, since Florida has no state income tax, there's some financial motivation to signing there.

Even if the Canucks had also offered a PTO (like many have hoped over the previous weeks), I think that Boyes would have chosen the tryout with Florida. Same goes for several other teams.

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If Horvat does not make the team; I can see guys like Hainsey or Boyes getting actual contract offers from us.

Currently any two of our rookies can make the team with our cap space, except if Horvat (just under $1.8 cap hit) is included. Or any rookie and Boyes or Hainsey???

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