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[PTO] Boyes to Florida Training Camp


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I think theirs a few reasons Boyes and Raymond have gotten PTOs this season. The most obvious would be the lower cap this season, with the lower caps teams (besides the Flyers and Toronto for Clarkson) aren't spending as recklessly. Secondly, both these players have been very inconsistent the last few seasons and have been up and down. They are both medium risk-high reward for teams to sign. Lots of teams that needs players like them have younger players in their ranks that could be had for cheap and produce what these type of players could give on their low end.

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If Horvat does not make the team; I can see guys like Hainsey or Boyes getting actual contract offers from us.

Currently any two of our rookies can make the team with our cap space, except if Horvat (just under $1.8 cap hit) is included. Or any rookie and Boyes or Hainsey???

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