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Examples of good PPQBing?

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I've heard a bunch of people staying that the Canucks need a PPQB, and being a relatively new hockey fan, I don't know what that looks like. Could y'all provide me with some YouTube clips of d men QBing a power play well? Doesn't have to end with a goal, just technical plays. Thanks!

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I've always seen a PPQB as someone who can create time and space for the powerplay. If you take a look at someone like Mike Green, he moves up and down from the blue line to below the goal-line some times. The rotation creates separation and defenders are caught moving.

When all the defenders are switching/moving all over their zone, it creates space for a good shot. This is shown with Ovechkin.

It's funny because, as soon as I looked up 'Ovechkin powerplay goal' on youtube, Green does exactly what I've just stated.

He goes down near the goal line on the boards, draws a defender to him, I believe that's Ribeiro he sets up in the corner, and then while Ribeiro takes the puck, Green skates back to the blue line while all the defenders go collapsing to the net due to the net presence. Backstrom and Ovie remain open on the point, backstrom goes in and Ovechkin takes his shot. Green set up the play.

Also, someone who can help bring the puck up on the rush. People judge Edler, but I really feel he helped us bring the puck up the ice.

As for the canucks powerplay, we don't make defenders collapse any more. They know that the Sedins are going to go behind the net, or stay along the boards. If we can create a lot more movement on our powerplay, it'll help set up the Garrison shot.

EDIT: TLDR Someone who can create space for the powerplay

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My personal view of the qualities a PPQB/Dman should possess:

- high hockey IQ/smarts

- sense of awareness around his surroundings

- be able to control the flow of play and slow or fast things up/down

- realize the openings and available potential higher % chances to score

- have a good shot/passing ability readily available to use making him a threat as well

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