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A Discussion of Questionable Reffing/Video Review with Videos


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Ignore the year of when it took place. It's proof that reffing/video reviewing has been consistently bad.

First off, I don't like the idea of a referee waving it off right on the spot. They should exercise caution when doing this and let the video review do its job. If a referee waves it off, more likely than not, Toronto will favor the referee's call (even if it's the wrong call).

I can understand (but not agree with) why the referee waved it off there because the goal and collision was almost instantaneous.

However, this was otherwise a GOOD goal. The puck was CLEARLY in the net before Brodeur got crashed into. In other words, there was nothing preventing Brodeur from making a save. This should have been picked up by Toronto, yet they call it NO GOAL.

What are your thoughts? Also, post any other videos which you think are bad calls and we can get some healthy discussion.

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The NHL doesn't even have questionable reffing. I'm not sure whether the problem is corruption or incompetence, but BCHL officials do a better job than Sutherland and Devorski. When other sports have betting scandals and their officiating is STILL better than the NHL, there;s a huge problem.

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The video review can overturn a decision on the ice based on the evidence in the reply. If there isn't evidence in the replay that definitively overturns the refs decision, then hey go with the decision made on the ice. That's the best way to do it, and it's what they do now but there are clearly still areas they can't review where teams get shafted.

How many times do we have to talk about he refs though? I know there's lot of issues but is it really necessary to keep creating threads to rehash the same things? I mean there are threads on:

  • Kerry Fraser admitting refs use make up calls
  • Bettman saying the refs are the best officials in the world
  • Whether there should be a DPS/Shanahan for refs
  • Refs should get bodyguards when leaving arenas
  • Refs conditioning Canucks players and fans in preseason play
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of least favourite refs
  • Refs being a joke in general
  • Even stop blaming the refs

Here's the most recent one, from January 10:

Loads of comments about the Refs being out to get the Nucks!

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