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[Proposal] VAN - WPG

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Low risk high reward trade. For the draft

VAN trades:

2016 5th rd pick becomes a 3rd or 4th, if he plays 60 games over next 2 seasons.

WPG trades:

Rights to Alex Burmistrov

Burm left the NHL due to issues with Noel (didn't like that Jokinen was getting more ice time despite not producing more than he was) he signed a 2 year contract in the KHL for 2M. He has one season left and his agent said he was open to coming back to the NHL. Led his team in scoring (the 2nd highest scorer on the team was Tim Stapleton).

He's a highly skilled center that was rushed into the league and has played right wing in the NHL. Three possible scenarioz, he bolts the KHL during his final year and challenges for a spot on a "younger" Canucks team, he finishes his last year in the KHL then comes over in 15-16 or he never comes over at all.


Oversight in the draft year of original pick.

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He left Winnipeg for a number of reasons, I'm sure one of those was Claude Noel. The main reason was ice time though. Burmistrov is an incredibly good 3rd line center. Very defensively responsible. The problem with Burmistrov is that he had more skill then just a 3rd line center, but he needs time to develop it and be more consistent. Right now, he is a solid 3rd line center, who is unhappy playing a 3rd line center role. When he was given the opportunity to prove himself in a first or second line role, he quickly showed why he is on the third line. He was not ready for it; but he was not grown up enough to understand this, thinking he should just get the job over such players like Little or Jokinen. The Jets won't trade his rights quite yet, because they'll see how much he has progressed on the ice, how much he has matured off the ice, and how he responds to someone that can actually coach. Right now, they have no reason to trade his rights

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*BUMP* I'd totally do this deal. The Jets have Schiefele as their #2 going forward whereas our #2 C is still undecided (Bones for this season, maybe Horvat the season after? But who knows how long it takes for them to grow into that). Given how Alex was already a good play driver before he went to Russia and he felt he didn't get enough ice time whereas he should be able to get that here given that he's had enough seasoning overseas, I think he could be a decent buy-low for us, at least as a stopgap.

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