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Canucks GM Benning on No. 6 pick: 'We're going to be using that pick'

-Vintage Canuck-

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Maybe you can't teach skills, but where are the most skilled teams right now? Pittsburgh, San Jose, Colorado, Anaheim? Or the most skilled players?

NYR and LA are far from being the most skilled team. Combination of skills, grit, completeness, size, teamwork.

Nylander actually reminds me of Granlund, who was for a while considered the best prospect outside North America. While Grandlund is a good prospect/player, I doubt he elevates himself to a perennial 80-90pts player. Mainly due to his size, which is similar to Nylander.

It is because of the Skills that Montreal selected Andrei Kostitsyn instead of Jeff Carter or Ryan Getzlaf or that NYI selected Niedereiter 5th.

Same for Yakupov, Faksa and Teravainen, they were regarded as highly skilled players, haven't yet proven they can use these skills on North American ice.

I would argue that the Kings are as skilled as anyone,

And that Skill is in key positions, notably center ice and the #1 D-man slot,

Those two positions are most influential as both require a 200 Ft. game

Then throw in some goal scoring wingers and a "money time" goalie

I don't think the KIngs take a back seat to anyone when it comes to skill

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So...what are we going to trade to move up to #2 then? Let's assume we acquire the 10th and 24th.

Gaunce + 10th + 24th + Tanev + Hansen for 1st?

wow tthat would be bad , lets throw in horvat, jensen, shinkaruk and corrado well we are at the for the number 2 pick

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This draft is considered "weak" in top end (future top 6 forwards/top 4 D) talent not in serviceable NHL players. There's plenty of bottom 6/bottom pairing guys in this draft. Just not a lot of "Stamkos".

is this a proven fact?

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