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  1. Remember when horvat had the league's worst plus minus? I'm surprised no one seems to remember that
  2. I get what your saying, I really do. That being said, you are asking to be called out by others when you say stuff like "I thought he may have just molested her" lol
  3. I suppose I only had issue with calling it a plague, which although as you have demonstrated is technically accurate, has historical implications that covid probably doesn't quite deserve. Anyways, we clearly disagree for the most part so let's drop it.
  4. These are fair points ya. Still would of course have a lower mortality rate, but yes covid is of course still deadly. I'm not meaning to dispute that. Anyways I feel bad now lol this is not what the thread is about so I'm gonna shut up
  5. Interesting, I guess its antibiotics that has reduced the prevalence then. (And better hygiene) Luckily they aren't ravaging the world like they did a long time ago
  6. Lmfao buddy. If you think Covid is devastating based off this graph, then what would you call the other pandemics at the top? Keep in mind that not only is the death toll infinitely higher and into the hundreds of millions, but they were during a time where I don't believe our entire human population was even a billion? And we had no air travel or car travel. Think about that. If you think Covid is disruptive, what do you think those pandemics were like? Do you think 20-30% of the world dying brutally now would be more or less disruptive then covid? Anyways, it's a good graph it does put
  7. Ya I know, but there is a vaccine for it and we can treat it with antibiotics
  8. And the black death killed around 75 million in a time with less travel. (Understatement) I stand by what I said. If anyone is foolish enough to compare it to the plague, which literally killed 40% of Europe alone, they are absolutely fear mongering and I'm sick of it. Absolutely no one should be spreading "misinformation" by even remotely claiming they are in any way similar or the scope is comparable whatsoever. You are historically & factually 100% wrong. I'm not saying it isn't serious, but to compare the two is ridiculous. The only thing they have in common is the word "pandemic"
  9. Well fair enough ya you should be proud I am too. I just don't think we should reference something that killed about 50% of people in the cities it infected to covid as it promotes fear mongering Anyways!
  10. Lol, just ignore the whole "literally unparalleled run of success from young talent entering the league" part. What was that you said about the years of losing not being taken full advantage of? Also there are not multiple obstacles in the team's way, lots of players will be off the books very soon and we will have plenty of cap space, with lots of cheap good young players coming in too. What are these obstacles? Please elaborate
  11. There wasnt going to be for a long time no matter who was in charge when Benning took over. We were on a downward spiral with no young players and aging vets after 2012-13. Loom at rebuilds like buffalo, toronto for the longest time, Edmonton, etc and we are actually very fortunate to have had even the success you just mentioned after the yes, short time, since Benning took over. We beat the defending champs last year and were a game away from the conference finals, and have had literally, I repeat, literally, an unparalleled run of success of young talent entering the league in the hist
  12. But that being said proud of them too, still not easy to come back after being sick like that
  13. If they were decimated by the plague half of them would be dead, Covid isn't the plague (sorry just seen lots of people saying this and it's not a fair comparison)
  14. Also just realized I forgot schmidt lol you can add him to the defense too. Should actually be pretty deep there soon.
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