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[Proposal] Loui Eriksson

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Bring Loui please

Trade: Jensen, Hansen, 3rd round

He will fit in very nicely at 2nd line or play beside Sedins (Swedish line)

2 yr/ 4.25m awesome deal

28yrs old

Eriksson Bonino Vey

Boston badly needs cap relief and I believe Eriksson will be traded this off season.

I'd hate to put Jensen out there, but if you're going to, I'd offer Boston something like

To Van: Eriksson, Kelly, 2015 3rd or 4th rounder

To Bos: Jensen, Mallet, rights to Schroeder (assuming we sent him a QO), rights to Sauve (assuming we sent him a QO)

That would give Boston the room to resign Iggy and do some other moves.

Normally, I wouldn't think this type of deal would happen, but after seeing the whole Gagner situation unfold yesterday, I think over the next week to 10 days, anything is possible!

Boston is badly exposed on cap. If they don't free up space fast, someone could always offer sheet Reilly Smith who seems to be just coming into his own!

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The Sedins and Loui had chemistry that is true, But it was also on the bigger European Ice. Loui has been struggling with with Boston and I am not sure whether this is because they are not playing him right and he isn't made for Boston style game Or if this is side effects from his concussion still. Every player heals in different ways and time lines.

Would the Sedins and Loui play magic on the ice in a western ice rink? Would we be playing 2 previous concussed players still healing with Henrik in the middle? Will he bounce back to his 70 point status?

There are a lot of IF questions regarding him. I personally would be willing to take a chance with him as IF it all works out we have a solid 1st line playing. I wouldn't be willing to give a lot of up though on the chance it doesn't work out and we have another concussed high paid player not living up to the full potential we had hoped.

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