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I think it's from the "AV doesn't coach" narrative that gained a lot of transaction in his final days here and his early struggles in New York. Example:


Yeah, that article was written in December of last season.

It questioned AV's knowledge of his roster, and praised Tortorella for learning valuable lessons lol.

"I watch Tortorella from afar and see a man who sure seems to have learned from the mistakes that cost him his job in New York, and if that is indeed true, more power to him (and Vancouver GM Mike Gillis)."

mk there Brooksie.

"Success is the only way that the comparisons cease."

AV took you to a Cup Final ironically, a few months later.

I guess he figured his players out in due course, did an alright job of 'not coaching' them, and somehow they managed to understand him.

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