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[Proposal] Van-Car

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Matthais (UFA 2015)

To Vancouver:

Jiri Tlusty (UFA 2015)



Tlusty is only 26 and has shown the ability to pot 35-45 points on a bad team, I am curious what he could do on a better team with a more supportive cast of forwards.

Gaunce is a good prospect but with Horvat, Vey, McCann and Cassels all showing improvement I don't see him being a main roster stay for at least a year or two. Too much competition for a position.

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Who is this Matthais player people keep talking about?

Also, big overpayment by us. Tlusty has scored more than 20 goals in a season exactly once, and is 6 years older than Gaunce.

I cant believe the difficulty I have spelling that name. I misspell it 90% of the time. 26 is still pretty young for a forward and he has played well on terrible teams, I think he is worth the gamble.

We should wait till Mathais gets hot at some point this season, because right now he's worth a sack of pucks...

I agree, but he isn't doing us any favours on the roster right now.

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I would never do this deal as it's a huge over payment by us to relieve Carolina of a simple body and a contract.

I will agree with all proposals involving Matthias though, he's a UFA soon and I don't see him signing with us for 3rd and 4th line minutes

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Tlusty is Carolina's leader among forwards so far this very young season in goals, assists (tied) and ice time. (Several defencemen have more time but he's well in front among forwards.) He led the team in goals during the strike-shortened 2012-2013 season and is still young enough to have several useful seasons ahead of him.

If Tlusty was under contract until 2017 I'd favour this proposal even with the inclusion of a pretty decent prospect in Gaunce.

However, one can't ignore that he'll be an UFA next summer. Unless there's a very good reason to think he might re-sign if they trade for him it's hard to see where there's any upside after 2014-2015.

Similarly, Carolina is unlikely to take this deal unless they know they can't sign him.

Accordingly, it seems to me to make sense only if Carolina knows they can't sign him and Vancouver has good reason to believe he'll sign with the Canucks.

Neither team is coming close to a division or conference championship nor a Stanley Cup whether they have this deal or not, so this year's results are much less important than whether the deal helps in the long-term.

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Tlustly will be a great pick up by a contending team near the deadline to play on their 3rd line. I could see Anaheim make a powerplay for them if they have cap room, maybe throw Carolina a 2nd rounder. Judging by the Kesler trade they're willing to go all-out this year and they've got a lot of good young assets to do so with.

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