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2015 NHL playoff format


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Can someone please explain how the 2015 NHL playoff format is?

Like I know 1st seed in the conference would play the 8th place seed and

2nd seed plays the 7th seed.

But how does the rest work because it changed from last year I believe?

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2nd and 3rd place teams from each division play each other.

1 place in conference plays 2nd wildcard team

1 place of whatever division doesn't have the first place in the conference plays the 1st wildcard team.

so right now if the standings stayed the same Canucks would be playing Calgary? orrr??

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Division Standings:

1. Anaheim

2. Vancouver

3. Calgary


4. LA (wildcard 2)

Anaheim would play LA, we would play Calgary. If LA was wildcard 1, the Ducks would face the wildcard 2 team.

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