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We can clinch the playoffs if we win next game


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Since the Hawks got in with 98 points, and if the Canucks win on Saturday they'll have 97 points. By then I think the Canucks would clinch a playoff spot. Winnipeg is 5 points behind and if we win against them on Saturday, we'll be 7 points ahead which would be unreachable, even if the Canucks lose their games against the Kings, Yotes and Oilers and the Jets win their 3 remaining games then the Canucks would still be ahead by a point! So Saturday is decision time for the Canucks!

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Winnipeg currently has 5 games left. If we beat them in regulation their new max attainable would be 98 while we're on 97. If they beat Calgary in OT in their final game Calgary's max would be 98 as well and if Calgary beats LA in OT as one of their wins, LA's max would be 99 points. So unless Edmonton completes their comeback in regulation in LA tonight we can't officially clinch on Saturday.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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