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[Discussion/ Proposal] Two trades, including VAN - PHI

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Vancouver acquires:

F Brayden Schenn
D Luke Schenn

Philly acquires:
F Chris Higgins
D Ryan Stanton (R.F.A.)
F Nicklas Jensen OR D Frank Corrado

Why Vancouver does this: acquire two young guys, 23 and 25 years old, who can both contribute immediately, and fit into both the desired playoff identity and future building plans. Brayden's a decent goal scorer, with 18 goals this past season along with physicality. Luke's a safe, strong defender who doesn't make many mistakes. Though Luke's value isn't the highest, we could use a dependable ox like him. The Canucks still have Clendening and other depth options who can play regular minutes and a safe game like Frank, as well as Baertschi, Hunter, etc. who possess similar skills as Jensen. Vancouver then deals Luca Sbisa to one of Edmonton/ Toronto/ Buffalo/ Carolina.

Why Philly does this: the Flyers lack cheap depth scoring up front and are aging and slow on their blue-line. By acquiring Stanton from the Canucks' blue-line they replace Luke with a cheap contract and lose the big cap hit. Jensen and Higgins together would likely help offset the loss of Brayden, as Higgins is also a strong play-driver and Nick has scoring potential. If they choose Corrado they'd have a potential Top-4 D who's mobile.


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zippo. Something like this would make more sense:

Braydon Schenn for Hunter Shinkaruk and Eddie Lack.

We sign Matt O'Connor and we are still good in the goaltending depth front. Even if we don't we got Miller for 2 more years and Thatcher Demko and Markstrom waiting in the wings. Schenn is the type of center this team desperately needs. Big, gritty and can be a royal pain in the butt to play against.

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they gave up jvr and richards for them... what do you think.

why not throw in vey and bring giroux back while you're at it

You guys give the Schenn's too much credit... Luke's a 3rd pairing guy in Philly. About Schenn, Broad Street Hockey said:


Let's take Schenn and Grossman first. They have pretty big cap hits for their skill sets but only one year left on their deals - which makes them tradeable. If Hexy can trade them this summer for picks - he will. If not, he'll work to get something for them at the trade deadline. Either way, it won't be much in my opinion.

The Flyers also sold low on J.v.R., who's a 1st pairing guy now, to get him. They gambled and lost. If you think his current value = J.v.R.'s I don't know how much weight this comment can really carry.

Also, from the the Broad Street Hockey site, in an off-season post, they said this about Brayden:


Brayden was a number 5 overall pick and has a ton of potential but who knows if he will ever reach it? He is still very young and could definitely become a very good player. He has gotten better every year in goals but it seems like he disappears for long periods of time.


Brayden Schenn has frustrated a lot of people at a lot of times over the past two seasons and very well may have reached his ceiling as an NHL player, but 47 points this past season is a career-high for him and isn't bad.

So here we are, again, for the fourth straight off-season, trying to figure out what we have in him.

He's not a core guy and doesn't fit with Giroux and Voracek. Sure, no doubt he's a decent young player with upside, but he hasn't reached the status of a Mike Richards guy that they were expecting when they traded for him. Higgins has also put up nearly 40 points a season and is also a serviceable player, albeit older, and if they they value what Jensen or Frankie can bring enough to help other parts of their team (I'd even throw in another 3rd, or 2nd even) who's to say the value couldn't be at least close? I'd agree that Brayden would probably cost more but again I'd be down to add.

I'll just leave it at that. That's not my post, it came from the Flyers' fans. It's not as crazy as you all make it sound. Anyways.

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