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BC Government Wins Appeals Over BCTF


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Making students and their parents suffer will not work well toward gaining public support for the teachers.

Ultimately they need a change in government here.

Well they are the government for another a few years. Until the time comes that they can be voted out, some suffering is needed for this current government to rethink their position.

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Smaller class rooms are ideal for learning. However, I think the fact teachers often refuse things like being evaluated themselves is an issue.

I get reviews at work every month. If I screw up, I hear about it. Most people in jobs are like that. Yet, if you're a teacher, bring up evaluations, or trying to improve your skill set they get all huffy.

First of all, create regional school boards. Get rid of all school board trustees (There's a nice part time job you need no qualifications for, what a waste of money!). Any money saved put into new textbooks, and supplies and smaller classrooms.

Bring back music, gym, arts courses to help kids find creative and athletic outlets.

Bring in practical ways to teach. For example when I went to college, my entire math program from grade 1-12 was done in ONE semester. Why are we coddling kids? Let's get them learning! Kids rise to a challenge.

Enough of this no grades, no child left behind. If a kid is struggling there are ways to get them up to speed. We're raising a generation of children that never faces adversity. Imagine a kid applying for his first job, or taking his first exam in college or university and failing. Would they cope emotionally in a world so sheltered?

Work with teachers to give them to tools to teach. But in turn, help teachers get better in their work, and give kids the foundation of learning and knowledge to succeed in life. The mind is not a vessel to be filled. It is a fire to be ignited.

Stop playing politics with kids futures for both sides.

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