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Trading Rags ..(sorta' Proposal)

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They keep getting close, yet falling short.

Will their pending changes be merely from cap shortage, & cosmetic? Or might they be more drastic, by moving a few key faces?

I'll give it a go:

Nash(1.5 mill retained), Yandle(very cheap, Ariz retained 50% cap) & Jesper Fast.(total:about 10 mill cap, Calgary has ample space, so they take advantage)

Cal: Bennett(b/c he's only 18)

Rags: Hagelin, Talbot


Rags need to cut costs. Guys like Hagelin & Stepan are RFA's.

They'll sign M StL cheaply, or he walks.

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Why the heck would NY even consider this? Like, hey we just had two great playoff runs lets blow up the team? Why does Calgary do this either? Why would they trade a huge piece of their young core for a 30 year old who will be very much passed his prime by the time the rest of the core hits theirs?

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@Kesheniel, Admittedly fair questions you've asked.

They're all mostly spontaneous suggestions. I get a sense the Rags really expected more(a Cup?) by now. Guessing there will be a fair amount of turnover there, as they never seem too patient in that market. With NYI moving into Brooklyn, it'll get even more competitive next season.

As for Calgary, perhaps they think they're closer than most people realize?

In general you're probably correct, that this is a lousy proposal..yet the sun still rises tomorrow.

Do you have any suggestions to improve NYR, whilst heeding cap? Pls fire away, if so...

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