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  1. For next season is it not possible next seson all the Canadian NHL teams operate an AHL team in Canada and both leagues play only within a Canadian division?
  2. I'm in the why not give him a shot camp. At one mil for one year it would be a reasonable risk.
  3. Unfortunately I think you may be right. Jake just doesn't seem to have what it takes to play at an elite level. He can be useful to the team, the question is, in a limited role or in a trade.
  4. I can remember fans commented when the Knights acquired Schmidt for their first season. All I recall was that he was considered under rated and a very good skater.
  5. I can imagine Tanev returning to the Canucks after he retires to work in management.
  6. Great team guy, right attitude, good character and nice person, what more could we have asked for. He has developed into an elite goaltender in front of our eyes. We should be grateful for his contribution to the success the Canucks have enjoyed during his tenure. He is a winner wherever he plays. Thank you.
  7. Wasn't Harry Snepst selected in the third round?
  8. I have one basic rule, never trade for a player the Oilers got rid of.
  9. No thanks very much. Maroon has past his best before date and each season is a little slower.
  10. You know I have come to the conclusion investing in veteran players who were considered very good but are past-their-prime is just not a sound startegy. I would invest more resources in scouting, drafting and developing players, then when the time is right provide them with an opportunity to learn the game on the ice within a proven system.
  11. I am inclined to agree with your proposal. Trading Demko after the playoffs would be difficult but as long as we don't retain any salary I would consider.
  12. Tempting, but for me this proposal would be a hard pass. Living in E-town I have watched the Oil enough have some sense of the value of Neal and Khaira. Even with the add-ons I don't like the idea of trading within our division. Cheers.
  13. It seems to me the success (or failure) of draft picks in the lower rounds can be the difference in the overall success of a team. Just like the difference in winning teams seem to be the performance of their third and fourth line players, later round picks can make a difference in the long term. Not saying one is necessarily related to the other, simply that the lower the picks, and the lines on which players toil, the greater difference they can make to a team.
  14. Ditto all of the above. One aspect about this team that impressed me was the character the boys showed throughout the playoffs. I know this doesn't easily translate to on-ice performance but it makes total sense for Jimbo to consider character when evaluating potential draft picks. The bottom six was also mentioned and I agree this is where most of the improvement can show immediate results. Assuming for the moment the first and second lines of most teams are of similar quality, with the odd exception, the makeup of the third and fourth lines can be the difference between a finals team and the also rans.
  15. Competent third and fourth liners with grit and speed who excell at challengeing their opponents is what we need. overall my priorities would be defensemen and centers.
  16. Of the players first mentioned I would definitely consider a bid for Zach if he was available for the right price.
  17. Ah, its the old, you can't drive because you have no experience excuse, so we're all going to have to ride the markstrom bus.
  18. Not going to go after the officiating because over time it seems to even out. Just want to say as much as the team and all our fans are celebrating tonight, Game 3 will be even tougher, the boys really need to focus on winning every battle and reduce the penalties. We can win this with more commitment than the other guys.
  19. Dan always impressed me as a thinker, someone who takes his time to observe, study and think about the game. I can see him coaching or in management someday.
  20. To be honest with you Monty that should have been obvious to me. Cheers!
  21. Think its time for me to go on a bit of a rant. As I am working on my first Friday night martini if by chance I make little sense my apologies in advance. Why is it hockey players seem to be in love with the word "obviously"? It reminds me of a teenager who has latched onto to the new hot word du jour. Every player can't seem to get through a 2 minute interview withour using the word multiple times. If in fact the situation is so obvious then there should be no need to say so. And while I am at it, how about people who like to say something to the affect of "to be honest with you". Maybe it is just me but I can't help wondering have they been bull$&!#ting up until then? Cheers!
  22. Loved Jack, one of my all-time favourite players. As tough as he was it seemed to make sense that he started his career in Philly. I had the pleasure of meeting Jack at the St. Paul Hotel in Minnesota when the Canucks were playing the Wild at the Excel Energy Center. He and Jim Hugheson were at the bar. I told Jack to lighten up and smile when he was on the bench.and he just laughed, thankfully. I mentioned I was a Canucks fan living in Edmonton and I recall he said his wife was from the suburb of Sherwood Park.
  23. Agree, reforestation is key. I assume it is mandatory in these logging permits, and if not it should be, that for every tree that is cut down at least two more are planted.